Problem placing Horizontal elevator

I build 2 foundation towers 3 high about 13 foundations apart. There is a direct line of foundations between them so they are perfectly aligned. Now i made a horizontal elevator and it doesn’t snap to the other tower. I looked on youtube but there it seems that it should just be build and snap easy.

Anyone have an idea how i should place it? I play on an official server.

Try building a tower closer, you might have exceeded the limit of how far the lift will go. That said I would have thought the lift would go further than 13 foundations.

I built one near the map obelisk in the southern part of the swungle. I read online that they can go 31 blocks so I made mine 30. Did the same as you with foundations so it would be lined up. I also made sure that they were exactly the same height. Worked like a charm. I also have a vertical one to get down because its very high. The only thing I can think is that they aren’t exactly the same height? I followed the YouTube vid by JustHorse. (Thanks to him for all his informative vids)

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Its fixed. When i placed it it snapped to the tower i build. My problem was that it didnt show that it would and i was afraid to put it down. (I didnt know you can pick them up).

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