Horizontal elevators

Anyone got any suggestions for lining up an elevator platform between to pillar bases?

align the spots between the elevators by simply uniting the spots with sandstone foundations. after aligning them, dismantle foundations and the two ends will be perfectly alligned


What I did was throw the elevator, run to the end, tried to sandstone a column as close to perfect as I could (had to lower sensibility to right controller on PS4 to be more accurate) regarding base height and such, then it matched close to perfect :ok_hand:
Took me some time, though. The best way is as Ragnaguard says, build a line of sandstones foundations to the end of the elevator and then destroy them.


The prob with that is going down the cliffside. The height i need is about 25 pillars high. Looks like im farmin a bunch of stone and wood

25 pillars high? where u building up?

Its like the first island going into the jungle. There are two peaks. i have the shorter one my clan mate has the taller one. We r trying to get horizontal elevators going so we dont have to travel through the combined 7 elevators to get into each others bases.

Both methods suggested are valids.

In my experience, if the space you want to bypass in elevator is small @Ragnaguard’s way is a must, but you can also try this little trick:

  • from one end of the line where you want to place the elevator try to place it, this way you’ll see exactly where the elevator will end its run.
  • if it’s good as it is place it, if not go the other end and place a block (like a sandstone foundation) on the point you want to stop it.
  • than return to the first end and place the elevator if you didn’t already.
  • return to the other end and destroy the block you used to stop the run of the elevator and stop it: this will NOT destroy the elevator, at least until last patch, I didn’t placed new horizontal elevators recently, the elevator is now ending its run in the air.
  • place a new almost perfectly aligned good foundation at this end of the elevator: done !

The @Ragnaguard’s way anyway is better, the problem is it’s not always the easier way. Plus, if you can do it that way, at this point most of the times you’ll prefere to build a regular bridge instead of placing an horizontal elevator :wink:

I managed to get it last night, ended up just building a 3 foundation wall outta sandstone about 30 block high. Its not pretty but it works. When my clan mate comes back we’ll replace the sandstone with blackice or reinforced stone

Wait at least one server reboot, before using better materials.

My horizontal elevator just disappeared the next day and I was unable to build a new one there for some weeks…
But changed the starting position a little…

hope u placed doorframes on ground level so all passage stayed free

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