Compilation of thrall AI issues in the current argos update

Hello everyone. I thought it could be useful to pack all the current thrall AI issues into one thread. Especially those that arose since the argos update.
My platform: PC official PVE-C server.

  1. Thralls teleporting through structures, most prominent in archer guards.
  2. Thralls getting stuck in structure and mesh.
  3. Thrall HP bars not showing.
  4. Personal thrall stuck in sheathing/unsheathing weapon. Not attacking.
  5. Thralls not attacking period.

On 1: Any guard thrall will eventually get displaced from its currently assumed position sooner or later after attacking or trying to attack a target. I have witnessed the displacement happen horizontally on even level and vertically downward. I have not seen it happen upwards.
Once displaced, the thrall assumes this new location as its new guard post and operates from there. It can ignore several structure pieces when “teleporting” that way.
A few of my thralls went from the top level inside of my house, which is completely enclosed, through 2 ceilings and 2 walls 4 tiles downward and 2-3 tiles outward.
This happens more often in archers thralls, probably because of their constant backpedaling.
The most extreme cases of displacement was on 2 melee guards though. I found one about 150m away from its original post fighting mammoths. The other was about 80m away from its post fighting rotbranch.
In both cases monsters with knockdown effect were involved. I assume that the knockdown breaks their way back home to their original guard post.
The ONLY way I have found yet to stop this from happening is setting thralls on passive. No other behavior combination works, none.

On 2: This happens everywhere. Especially areas that have a lot of clutter on the ground, especially uneven ground like hills etc. If it’s a harvestable sttructure, removing it with a harvesting tool will get the thrall unstuck 100% of the time. If you can’t remove it yourself, the only way to get your thrall unstuck is getting significant distance between you and your thrall or leaving the dungeon, if you are inside one. In my experience at least 100m.

On 3: Could not find anyway means yet to fix this.

On 4: Removing the thralls weapon seems to help sometimes.

On 5: Just today I have seen this again on a melee guard thrall. It was immovable stuck on a steep hill and getting beat on by a wolf. Had I not seen it, the thrall would be dead by now.

I have lost 4 high level thralls so far to these new issues.

I hope this helps wrapping things up.


Aaaaand just lost another high level guarding thrall to getting stuck and not fighting back.

I am citing two paragraphs of the How to be a pro bug hunter topic just in case you were not aware that this is a thing (Sorry if you have already read it):

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