Another thrall issue post

Game mode: Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: North America

Apologies if this is just a repeat of similar posts but thought it might be beneficial for me to explain all the facts that my clan has experienced.

Friday after the update rolled out, the thralls seemed to work fine. I was able to have a follower on guard (which worked) and I was able to use the attack command and have it attack specific targets. A clan member and I took our thralls to Warmaker’s Sanctuary that evening and we had no problems. The attack commands worked great.

After Warmaker’s we went to Skittering cavern and my thrall would not attack the spider boss even though I got the message saying that the thrall was attacking - the thrall would advance, stop and return to me. I changed from guard to attack and played with ranges, etc with no change. We then went to fight the Red Mother and my thrall swung several times but would no longer attack.

Saturday, I had no problem using my thrall around Asagarth hunting thralls but that evening three of us decided to take our thralls to sunken city. Sunken City was a disaster. First my thrall initially ported under the dock at the island and then vanished. My clan members thralls were fine thru the first underwater temple but they vanished when we went to the second temple. One clan member said he saw them stuck in the sand between the temples. After Sunken City when we returned back to the main Conan map, our thralls did return.

One of my clan member’s thralls on Saturday vanished. Turns out it somehow materialized in a friendly clan’s base and they had to kill it (but returned the armor/gear).

So far I feel like the thralls work fairly well in wide open areas (i.e. Asagarth, etc) but have issues in dungeons and small caves, etc.

At this time my clan is afraid to take thralls out. We are purposely leaving our best thralls in the base and will only take out low level thralls till the problems are fixed.

Hope this helps identify the problem.

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I’ve had similar issues, but I have had some success just standing and giving move commands, then walk a little ways away and give another, and repeat 5 or 6 times. Suddenly my thrall decides to pop in.

Hey @Octavian

When those thralls become unresponsive, did you teleport with them prior to the malfunction?

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As mentioned, had no issues in Warmaker Friday night but after we “teleported” out of the dungeon we went right to Skittering Cavern where my thrall had the issues mentioned above (btw my clan member’s thrall was ok in the cavern). Not sure if teleport was an issue.

At Sunken City, my thrall had issues as soon as I “teleported” in. I could see the thrall underneath the docks at the beginning of the area/island (he then vanished). My clan members thralls worked completely fine up thru the first underwater temple and after that they became stuck/disappeared.

After we left/teleported the Sunken City area, our thralls where initially not there but I was able to get mine to return by using the attack command on a gorilla (which worked).

My clan members thralls disappeared in Sunken City when we swam from first underwater temple to the second underwater temple. As mentioned one person said he saw them apparently stuck in the sea bottom/sand.

Thanks for the information. We’ve relayed it to our team.

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