Trouble getting thrall to work using new commands!

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

So I have come back after a 2/3 month break to see how the games been updated sorry if this has been covered, I’ve noticed thralls will do nothing you tell them, I would really enjoy sending your thralls to attack enemies more if it even worked in the slightest, 80% of the time thralls will just stand and ignore commands or run towards an enemy and just run back to you and stand there, is there something to rectify this at a later date?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Send thrall to attack an enemy
  2. Watch him ignore your command and stand there
  3. Spend 10 minutes figuring out a way to get him to attack.

Hi @Smm1990, is this behavior happening with any follower you try to command, and is it happening consistently?

Have you set the attack distance to the max and set to attack every thing.

Yes I have them on attack everything, its not everytime they ignore commands just some of the time, I’ve found more often then not they will draw there weapon and run towards them as if there going to attack then run back to me, I usually notice that after the first time they stop listening they generally struggle to do anything else as if there AI is confused and I usually try to reset them by making them stand guard and following again (a reset AI would be handy here). I’ll continue to play around with the commands and see if anything changes but generally I have them on attack everything and prioritize melee as what I’m attacking is usually melee enemies. Thanks for the reply

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In my case don’t use the attack command often. Do it more by mistake trying to pick stuff up. However with a sabre tooth it’s fun to smackdown turtles and individual NPC,S.

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