Follower Thralls not working correctly?

I had limited time to play last night but one thing I noticed was my thrall couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. It’s not even close, my thrall was attacking nothing several blocks away from the enemies facing 180 degrees the wrong way.

I imagine others are having the same problem? I’m thinking the turning changes have also negatively affected follower thralls?

I’ve had the same experience, thralls attacking the wrong location.

I really don’t understand why they pushed the update with all the issues there are with it. Made combat in general feel terrible, some enemies are turning while attacking so quickly I’ll probably be forced to go with heavy armor, thralls aren’t attacking properly, camel calfs can’t be put in the stable, purges have insanely overpowered demolition guys -basically one hit building pieces- and of course that’s how you access the new barkeeper.

I was running two thralls and the first time they did it was pretty funny. Two thralls attacking in two different directions, full combos, the enemy was standing between them jsut following one of them. One of my thralls even started a second combo rotation with no target.

The 100th time it happens, not as funny anymore.

This exactly. Watching them swing wildly at nothing while their health is rapidly draining is not a good feeling. Almost distracts from the nerfed player combat mechanics. Almost.

I guess you guys are playing on servers, because this doesn’t happen in single/coop.

it might be servers, based on what everyone on here is saying I’m thinking it might also be more be an issue with the War Party perk specifically. It seems like there is some sort of coding check going on that is stopping both thralls from fighting correctly most of the time. I’ve started using war party a week before the patch went live so it’s a little hard for me to differentiate where the problem might lay.

Possibly, because I don’t use that perk!

Yeah I think it is the new patch along with the warparty perk or if they are carrying ranged weapons and melee. Does not seem to happen otherwise.

Hi, thanks all for sharing this companion/thrall combat bug. It was hard to find other players who had this issue, so was wondering if I broke the game on my own with Mods or something versus a Chapter 3 update. I’ve been experiencing the same problem with my thrall targeting enemies during combat and eventually facing the opposite direction of the enemy and swinging at nothing but air, and getting hit in the back constantly! I wanted to add that I’ve only played PVE and I’m have not upgraded to the War Party perk (I put most hours so far into building/crafting). BUT the thrall does have a melee and a bow equipped so will try to unequip one or other and see if that helps with fixing the targeting/facing wrong way issue. Hopefully a fix will come but until then I’ll just enjoy the challenge of sideways walking alligators biting my companion in the bum, and clumsy swings against spot on NPCs…

Not more so than usually- i run war party perk. I notice they will attack if i do if they appear stalled.

Other times ill make sure the Boss hits them and they snap out of it.

Sometimes they disappear so ill warp with a teleport pad and theyll be back.

Im very strict with my thralls attack range 15, follow 10 , chase 15 when im out in the wild.

Ill set to guard me when im in cities and dont want them to attack.

In purges- im even more strict -attack 5 follow 5 chase 5

They need to be close in purges for me as usually 3 hits and im dead


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