Thoughts on followers using shields

So I am not sure if its the latest “fix” or not, but all of my follower thralls tend to stand there in defensive mode with their shield up too long. Its to the point I am about to switch them to a two handed weapon.
I’ve always used shields and so have my thralls, without issue. They are always set to attack everything and in melee mode. Again, this issue only started after the last “fix”. Anyone else notice this?


I’ve noticed this too, but for much longer than last patch.

It also effects NPCs. If they spawn with a shield, they just stand there in block mode. Even worse, it’s super-block mode. Where they can attack, but the game says they’re in block mode no matter what animation they’re in.


On Xbox it has been like that forever…

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Oh yes! For a very, very, very long time. In PS4. So that it’s no longer an issue- because no one puts a shield in a Thralls hands!:weary:

Or rides their horse fast enough to fall through the map… there is a lot of stuff you can’t do on consoles.

I might transition to PC anyways now that the old generation of consoles has become obsolete.

Yeah, this problem exists far longer than the last patch. Even NPCs get stuck in this. It’s been like this for months?

And if you equip your thralls without a shield, they tend to spam the secondary attack: backflipping without a reason or kicking the air. The only fix I found for myself is to give them two-handers that have an actual secondary attack. The spear targetting is also off… etc.

Tinfoil hat time. But I’ve always suspected that Funcom keeps the Thrall AI purposefully bad as a means to prevent them from becoming too overpowered. That’s why they react so slow, randomly don’t use weapon combo’s, kick animals/bosses, kick the air, pause for so long between swings, and creep up to their target like they’re attempting stealth mode.

Mitra forbid you give your thrall a set of daggers and watch them transform into an acrobatic dance show as they spend 90% of the fight doing backflips.


@Caffeine, I believe that before Funcom, we ask it a long time now. And when I say we, I don’t specifically mean you and me but some population of the forum, witch I happen to agree with them. Since the first nerf of thralls we are taking more action in the fights. I remember taking my thrall to the fight and go to the toilet until the fight is over :joy::joy::joy:. Now I have to fight more and I am on ps4, pc players must have more dummy thralls, so I believe that slowly the thralls will be the dummies and we the gods, heroes you name it. So this is a progress, isn’t it?

@JJDancer, I have a question if you may please. Is the diffending position that the thralls take, working as your defending position works. What I mean, before the thrall nerf, if you were using a shield on a boss it was a combo breaker for the boss and your thrall could kill very fast and unharmed. So if now it works for thralls you can go and kill fast and unharmed too. Please try it and tell me, thank you :+1:.


Tbh official server ive always been on was full today and nothing moved the way intended…

So about 70% of the time my thrall will block then attack, and do it effectively, but for some reason she goes into the occasional shield up over the face mode and stays that way. I usually jump in the fight but the other day I was testing this myself, so I stood back to see how she did against one of the boss crocs. She actually was able to solo it down pretty fast. This is a level 18 treasure hunter seeker fighter with currently @ 7k HPs. She has long blond hair in a braid and talks in a heavily accented Norwegian accent like Largertha, so naturally became my favorite. ;D


@JJDancer, Beauty indeed :wink:. So as I suspected, with really slow steps our characters will become the heroes of the game again and not the stupid thralls, for me this is not a bug, but progress. We asked and complain so much about the God thralls, slowly their dominant is fading. I really wish we could have some extra hp, for example 100 hp plus, then we could face all the opponents solo and pvp fights wouldn’t have issues. Thank you very much for your time and your answers :+1:.

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I’d be cool with this, if Funcom could fix their netcode. On an online server the problem with me being the hero, or even going solo, isn’t that the thrall is too powerful as much as the lag.

The netcode for Conan Exiles is written so that almost everything is processed by the server, not client side. On my screen, I dodged that Rockslide boss by a country mile. But the server thinks I’m trying to give it a hug. So despite dodging properly, I get turned into a human cannonball.

I can solo things in single-player that I will not touch when online. And it’s not because of the thrall.


@Caffeine, I cannot agree more. Forgive my ignorance how things work. I always believed that it was my bad connection, or the fact that a Greek person plays in American servers with great amounts of pings are the reasons that I have these lags. I didn’t knew it was a game, or a server issue :wink:. Still my comment is going far, I mean that one day we will be ready for this thing, not yet, not yet. I believe that our characters need 2 more things for this to be done and not necessarily both of them.

  1. My first suggestion is 100 hp more. OK unnamed city can run without this upgrade, but some bosses are impossible because we loose massive percentage of our hp with just one shot, so this fight must be flawless or dead.
  2. My second suggestion is to give us a buff that will double our armor status for a small amount of time, but pvp fights should not be included.

For either pvp or pve gaming, we must be stronger than the thralls, our damage outcome must be greater than theirs. They have massive hp more than 10 times over ours. Thralls heal even with bleeding or poisoning status. So this is more than enough for them. Thralls should die to give us reasons to farm new :wink:. We must be the real champions and the nerf is fantastic so I beg for more nerf. But I want justice too. I need the purge thralls from difficult areas, the heroes, to be actual heroes and not this piece of junk Teimos :face_vomiting:. Still no hero thrall better than me :wink:.

Ps, @JJDancer please forgive me that I went a bit of topic. Thank you.

I made some test in solo/coop two weeks ago after getting my purge thrall out of the wheel and noticing he was bad with a 1h sword. Thought maybe his programmed combo does not match this weapon so well and…bingo ! Found something interesting.

I equipped him with different weapon to see how he behaves hitting rocknoses (with me tanking so he doesn’t get hit nor knocked down).
He was able to be pretty reactive and do full combo only with a hammer (known to be a slow weapon). Not too bad with an axe, reactive but no combo.

So I decided to do the same test in solo/coop admin mode with 12 different RHTS. The one that came with a spear was the best with a 1h sword, and the one with a kopesh no shield was the best with a 2h sword.
After many tests I found out our thralls have different programed combos that could work well with a certain weapon and not with another type of weapon.

Some time ago, if you gave to your thrall a type of weapon that is different from the weapon type he had out of the wheel, he just wouldn’t use it at all.
They fixed that and now all thralls use any kind of weapon.
BUT it seems there is a remaining predilection for a type of weapon and it’s never the one they came with.
Now everytime I get a new Thrall I test him with all weapon types and only equip my guards with the weapon that gives them fast attacks and full combos.

So I believe that if you want a perfect shieldmaiden you’d have to trial them all and see who’s best with a shield.


The funny thing is that sometimes archers use more correct the weapons and the shields than fighters. Still I have stayed behind because of console, so you pc players can try it.

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