Surge Thralls with Shields blocking issue

Apologies if this is a repeat/repost;

Surge Thralls with Shields seem to have random issues with blocking. They will go “invulnerable” at times because they are “blocking”. I say “blocking” because:

  • they are moving and attacking (but can’t be damaged because they are blocking?)
  • they are facing an opposite direction while blocking but can’t be damaged from behind

Me and a pal were just kind of laughing as we were both smashing this thrall but just hearing nothing but the metal bangs of being blocked. Pal mounted up with his lance and let the comedy continue. Have ended up walking away from a couple of these guys because they don’t take any damage.

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I should add some follow up; Using a two handed sword overhead swing will damage them… even when they’re facing you and they have their shield up. This is seemingly an issue with any Thrall with a shield.

Yeah, thrall AI seems to be a little weird right now. At a wild surge, I was taking on six thralls (this was before the patch that put them in waves). Four were circling me, one was standing by to jump in = all that was normal, but one thrall had a sword and shield and just stood about 15 away with the shield up and no combat. The thrall stayed that way through the whole fight. After dispatching the other 5, I approached the thrall with the shield still up, struck it once, and then normal combat resumed.

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