Alter the RESCUE option until you fix the bugs

Anyone else seeing too much of this message lately?

Are you sure you want to Rescue <thrall>? Rescued followers lose all their items and equipment.

Ever since the follower AI has been changed, thralls have been getting stuck under the world. And you can get them back by going to Follower Management and selecting the ‘Rescue’ option…

But the problem is you lose all of the equipment on the thrall when you do this. I know this was put in as a means to prevent some sort of exploit. But right now the bugs are worse than the exploit. And I’m not even sure what kind of exploit this is supposed to prevent.

The solution is simple. Let rescued thralls keep their equipment. At least until you fix the game.

And patch this in ASAP.


If Thrall get stuck we usually just leave them there eventually they return home (not sure how long I think it takes an hour??), I know it’s pain in the bum but that’s the solution we use until this has been fix.
I hope this helps.

We’re not talking about the same thing. You’re talking about thralls set to follow, defaulting to scouting mode, and returning home.

I’m talking about followers that are set to guard around your base. Since the AI change, they try to “move” somewhere. Follower Management will show where they are supposed to be located on the map, but you won’t be able to find them. The only option to get them back is to use Rescue, and that comes at a cost.

They don’t ever return home. They stay stuck under the world forever.

oh ok, my bad.
We are on Xbox and so far we don’t experienced anything like that, and we have a lot of Thralls guarding the base.
I hope it will be fixed soon, I can imagine how annoying can be, feel sorry for you bro.

I absolutely endorse this solution. It’s been the most consistently reported bug since this change. A quick browse of the forums will show at least a half dozen variations of the same complaint in the last couple weeks.

Please, disable the gear loss on rescue for now. I imagine the exploit they’re looking to avoid is someone ‘rescuing’ all their thralls to a secondary base location to escape a raid. A 24/48 hour cooldown on all rescuing will address the same exploit and allow people to get back their meshed thralls.

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Hey there,

There are no plans to alter the limitations of the rescue function, as they were put in place to avoid abuse of it. The issue at hand seems to be thralls falling through the terrain, and that is something we’re looking into. So whatever feedback you might have in that regard, don’t hesitate to send it our way by following the steps listed here: