Thralls disapearing and probably sunk underworld, rescue fonction problem

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

Thralls disapearing and probably sunk underworld, rescue fonction limitation problem

Hello, why i am not able to rescue my missing thrall with his gear and inventory, when the thrall is Inside my base at his last guarding position (the map show thrall here, but he is not visible, outside raid wndows, and not under attack ?

It was explained that thralls will loose their inventory in using rescue function to avoid abuse of this command. But game has already a function to prevent abuse, as there is a cooldown of 10 mn from last attack received for a thrall to be rescued.

can you consider to make this function more gamer friendly. The cooldown function is very good, you can even extend duration of cooldown before been able to rescue a thrall.

but why not be able to rescue a thrall with inventory when this thralls is in guarding psotion and not under any attack for more than 5 days.

Yes to try to find it back i demolished an incredible amount of t3 foundations, but saw nothing, even if i am right where the thralls location indicate it, at his last guarding known location.

Try to check the attributes at the list if he is on follow he should appear instantly :slight_smile:

he is on guarding, 5 servers restart and still invisible as it has happened 5 days ago, he has sunken undermesh and this is probably a bug linked to server lag.

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