Is it possible to raise support tickets for lost thralls?

Just lost two thralls in the volcano where the thrall I had with my disappeared, and even when I moved a fair distance didnt teleport and just died to lava.

Is there anything that can be done as they were both decent levels.

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There is supposed to be a follower management window now.

It has a rescue option, I believe. Not sure if it would work in your case. And they lose all equipment/items they are carrying.

This is the relevant part:

We have also added a new extra functionality! Tired of those pesky followers who chose to disappear in the middle of the night? You can now recall them to your position (as long as you’re within your claim) to keep them under control! However, this power comes with a few caveats. First, when they get rescued, they will lose their inventory and equipment. After you have used recall, you (or your clan) won’t be able to use it again for a certain period of time (cooldown), and those followers who were engaged in combat recently will not be able to be recalled until a certain time has passed. Best of all, both timers are customizable! (via ini edit at the moment)

Yeah rescuing is for lost thralls, mine died.

lvl 16 and lvl 9 gone. Gutted.

Nope, probably not, they are with the volcano spirit now.

If you were on a private server I would have said an admin can maybe help you out, But on officials you have a snowballs chance in hell my friend (kind of like how your thralls probably felt in that volcano) :confused:

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Welcome to the forum. We all feel your loss here. This is the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I cannot count what i ve lost in volcano, but… Ces’t la vie. Welcome to the comunity again, hope you ll have fun as we do :+1:

Dead is dead. Bringing thralls into dangerous places can be hazardous to their health, and volcano, with those lethal lava flows, is among the most dangerous places for thralls. So no, Funcom won’t give them back to you.

I take extra care about my thralls whenever I go to the Volcano, and if possible, leave the thrall at home. Thralls are unfortunately very stupid and don’t realize that lava is hot and hurts a lot.

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Wouldn’t mind losing them to actual gameplay danger, combat etc. but bad AI and route finding needs fixing.

Just walking from one point to another over bridges and paths with walls youd expect a thrall to be ok with.

Ho Hum.

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