Not a wise company plan

So my game has crashed close to 70 times over the 2000 ours I have played.
I dont get an error message 95% of the time. I send in the silly little error message reports. Yet Funcom has YET to contact me. Oh an I cant contact them . This is not the way to run a company. the only way to get help is ask other people who DO NOT Know much more than I do about the back end of the game. Why is there not a way to contact Funcom about Conan. as soon as you click Conan as the game your having issues with it say go to the forums "we cant be bothered with your problems. "
I hope SOMEBODY from Funcom see this and they Finally contact me

would be nice since I have dump so much money into the game. Would be nice to play it with out crashing all the time

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I know your frustration first hand. I have never had an issue in Conan of this magnitude, ever, not even after the last big flop of a patch, I was still playing fine. I have never used any mods, I have never modify my ini, I have never had any issues, none.

It’s been almost a month now, I can’t log in, can’t get past the select mode screen. Ping too high, can’t connect to FLS, can’t connect to Steam services.

Something fishy is going on, as my antivirus that have never giving me any issues on any game I play, has reported on Conan 6 times since I started having this connection issues. I don’t know what is going on but I don’t like it.


@Krixuss Aren’t you the guy whose pc crashes to blue screen?


Hey there,

Please read [PC] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines

You will not receive any replies when using the in-game crash report tool (nor do any in-game features ask for contact details). These issues will be investigated directly by the team, but may need additional reports from other players to be properly fixed.

This has since been changed, but may need additional tweaking in general.

This user has replied with some possible solutions. You should try them out asap and reply in the future, so the developers and community knows whether the issue is resolved. This also narrows down if it’s an update-specific issue.

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Try searching the forums if there’s already a post on an issue. If so, you should comment there instead. This will help collect all the relevant information in one place.

If you try to follow these guidelines, the developers and community will be able to identify your issue more easily and you will hopefully get a reply from someone on the Community team, which are employees who can forward your issue to the developers.

If any of your issues persist, feel free to post a new thread. It can be helpful to link the old threads you posted on the issue as well. You can find them by clicking on your profile picture and then on your name to go to your profile, where they are under the Activity tab. Keep in mind, ones which are not :lock: (automatically) closed can still be replied to.

Furthermore, some issues aren’t (only) caused by the game, but (also) by outdated, malfunctioning or corrupt software or hardware. These issues can often be fixed by installing the latest drivers and searching for solutions online. If you’ve tried everything, you can always go to a pc store for these kind of issues.


I would recommend bringing your PC to a specialist to run some diagnostics. The issue you are having is very specific and likely not caused by Conan Exiles.

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I appreciate the responses. My main issue is Conan is the ONLY game that causes my computer to crash. I have run all the known “fixes” but it still shuts down. Latley its even gives me the Blue Screen. with like 5 different reasons. Like I said I have gone on and looked at each of those and did what the fix was for them. Its very frustrating to say the least. Like today I played for 2 1/2 hours not a single issue. Last I played for 45 mins and it crashed 6 times.

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What NetRaven has guided you through is basically Common Technical Issues and solutions. (READ FIRST), which I didn’t suggest yet (seeing relevant solutions had already been somewhat exhausted).

  1. The CPU is overheated. When the CPU is above a certain temperature, the computer will immediately shut down via BSOD to avoid damage to the CPU.

:thinking: I was thinking that maybe it’s a rendering issue and you’re not allowing it to use e.g. more than one core (or maybe I should refer to GPU, I don’t know). If you could get your crash and/or (windows) logs for this event, it may say it wanted to load like ‘11/10 objects, object pool B is greater than object pool A’ (which I have seen in other people’s logs, not sure if this caused crashes).

Does the game only crash once playing or also on the menu, or prior loading screens? Did you perform any actions other than walking around?

See also Database and log files. @Hugo -sorry for the tag- may request that you give them your database via DM so they can forward it to the developers (which I think may be a good idea if it happens to be something with your game files)

Could you perhaps :pencil2: edit this post, move it to the bug subforums and change your title to describe the issue (“random crashes and blue screen”)? This way we’re technically back on-topic.

I don’t own pc Conan but bring up your task Manager. Shift alt delete at the same time. If disk is at 100 which happens and gets stuck will crash and less responsive pc had this issue and lots of other games lag/not function. Click disk and it will display what’s causing high usage. If it helps some what turn it on in single player and minimize it without turning it off then some other high usage from other problems will take up power type the program in google and how to turn

This has massive improvements with all my games in terms of fps and better functionality

Also if in you settings find graphics settings. Select browse and find the game and select and then select options and mark it as priority and try that

Also type in disk stuck at 100 and that will help in fixing it

This was educational. I didn’t even know what a BSOD looked like on Windows past 7.

As others have said, this isn’t probably not a game issue, but a computer one. From what I’ve learned in college, and forgive me, this was nearly a decade ago, is that applications can’t really BSOD your Windows OS anymore.

Now one thing I want to say is that Computer Hardware is designed to run at 100% capacity for the duration of its lifetime. Which for most components is 5-10 years. What this means is NO software, at least no layman software like a video game can push a piece of hardware past its limit. If a CPU can do 4.0 GHz, then it simply can do those 4,000,000,000 cycles a second for 5-10 years.

This is assuming there is nothing physically wrong with it, or the hardware it is connected to. Of course it will require the fan it came with and for that fan to be clean and not malfunctioning. It will also need the motherboard its attached to, to be clean and free of debris and none of its components having shorts, grounding issues, or any of that.

So as others said, clean your PC, troubleshoot it, and employ every other tool you have. Yeah yeah we’ve all heard the spiel about how this game is the only one that causes the issue. But you have a unique issue, which is usually OS related or hardware related.

An overheating issue makes sense. Conan Exiles pushes my hardware anywhere from 10c to 15c hotter than any of my other games. Don’t ask me why or how…it just does.
If you haven’t already, you can get MSI Afterburner or some similar software to monitor your temperatures as well as CPU/GPU usage.

Hey @Krixuss

You might be unaware of how a crash reporter works. What it does is it sends a dump file to our servers with the logs when you crashed. It is not a two way communication route and neither is its intention. For that, you will need to contact us following the instructions found here:

As others have pointed out, your issue is most likely hardware-related.