CTDs and BSODs ahoy

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Whether I have mods in SP or not, or on my multiplayer server, I and a number of my players will crash upon loading into the world. Sometimes its once, tonight it was 7 times in a row for one of my members. Verifying CE isn’t a guarantee it’ll work afterwards, nor is a fresh boot and having ram/memory free. I have people on my server that just give up trying to log in some nights.

I was looking through my db and noticed that some players z-axis positions seems to get saved under the killbox underneath the world. Our solution upon noticing multiple failed login attempts is to summon them as soon as they log in. They will still crash, but this often helps.

Another issue but ugh:
Conan also just BSOD’s and freezes my comp almost daily. It happens under so many situations, but then again, every single funcom game since AOC has done the same, while no other game I’ve got multiple hundreds of a few thousand hours in has. I have played more demanding games but funcom games consistently BSOD my computer into oblivion. I stopped playing AoC because of it (and honestly I got sick of the load screens) and it happening in TSW did not help either.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Unfortunately I have no idea how to reproduce this. I can send logs, mine and my players.

Since that is completely abnormal behavior, logs from at least the server would be helpful. Client logs would be beneficial too.

Conan doesn’t BSOD, your computer does. It occurs when your computer has a fatal error. It’s usually not caused directly by software, and is typically the result of a bad driver or defective hardware.

AoC is a pretty heavy mod that will cause your system to work a little more when playing Conan. I also find the statement that you only have this issue with Funcom games to be extremely unlikely. (Although if you want to push your hardware to it’s limits, go Play a 16k Random Gen map on 7 Days to Die.)

It’s also pretty far-fetched for a server database issue to be crashing remote clients with a BSOD. Things just don’t work that way. It is possible for improperly loaded code to corrupt the data stream and crash their game client though. That would indicate a pretty huge issue with the server.


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