BSOD system reset on Official servers with no mods installed

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  1. Login to server
  2. crashes 70% within first minute
  3. Step 3
  4. Etc.
    Hardware 8600K with a 1080 TI

I am getting a hard BSOD crash, full system reset, very frequently upon login. I don’t have this issue with other games. I’ve done a full gambit of hardware evaluation and all temps look good, around 50C both on GPU and CPU. I’ve played in the past, year or two ago and never had this issue. The BSOD flashes so fast I can’t read it and I am not seeing anything in event viewer to help me locate the crash cause or driver responsible. I have done a reinstall of the game, checked the NVMe, the basics. So I am really considering a driver rollback or would be happy to try something else. Any ideas?

As a side note, I’ve played on this server now for basically a week or two and it just recently became an issue as I am building a larger size base now. I feel like and this is a feeling thing that the crashing is coming from logging in with a large amount of objects to load. If that is the case, this will only get worse so I’m giving it a break until I can find a work around.

BSOD is the result of a software or hardware failure, the game is just revealing the symptom (no, it doesn’t matter that Conan is the only game).

Would be useful to you to be able to see what the error is, but as you said it goes away faster then you can read it. There are ways to view the log though. Been a while since I’ve done this, but various Google searches come up with instructions how to do it. This was the first one.

I’ve parsed it pretty thoroughly looking for it and it doesn’t generate anything that gets saved in the event viewer. All of the events are typically just windows complaining that it wasn’t shutdown properly which, of course.

I am more fix oriented than “blame assigning.” Frequently games have issues with different drivers, especially video drivers and with the 1080 ti being around 4-5 years now, it isn’t the most cared about graphics card on the maintain list. So, bottom line is I was looking for anybody who had a 1080 ti who had run into something similar with either a driver rollback suggestion as without any real info from windows, I’m going to just assume graphics drivers/conan being incompatable and I’ll try a rollback or two but if I can’t get it working…life will go on without Conan.

Offhand i know and have talked to many players who have ran 1000 series of cards with Conan fine. Got nothing for you there.

Its all good. I tried to reinstall about everything on the system, checked memory and disk. Nothing seems to be out of order. Some games just like to crash. Back to SCUM for a while.

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