[Resolved:work around] I got a lot of Blue Screen crashes

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Crash (BSoD)
Server type: PvE
Region: Local dedicated

Hey there, I’m having a lot of random Blue Screen crashes lately.

After a crash uppon restart I get a popup with a “Bluescreen Error BCCode 1e”

I’ve contacted Windows Support and went through all the usual checking:

  • Harware check (Memory, hard disk)
  • Updated/reinstalled drivers (Audio, Video)

I’m using a AMD cpu and a Radeon GPU (RX560 2GB) on Windows 7 Pro 64bits

Am I the only one here with that kind of issue?


Edit 2: [Possible fix]
I’ve switched from Fullscreen to Windowed Mode and got no more BSOD… yet.

Did you try change you graphic-settings, try lower them.

You don’t talk lot about your complet specs, but GPU with only 2GB isn’t much to actual days.
If you’re cpu is also on the older side, this may be the reason.

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Hey thanks for the reply.

Actually the game performance is quite good.
I play it with a 720p resolution on a medium setting, and there’s no lag.

At this point I’m starting to think it’s a Unreal Engine specific issue and not a Conan Exiles issue.

Did this happen with other unreal game or applications to ?

Sure, i agree, your resolution is low, did you try the low end pc/ or laptop settings (no more sure how it’s called exactly ;)) ?

I’m only playing Conan at the moment.
As a dev myself, I’m used to debug things but I’m not familiar with UE4 ecosystem.

So I thought Epic’s dev forums could be a good place to start investigating the issue.
There’s a lot of threads about BSOD on the UnrealEngine4 dev forums. Is it related? Idk.

What I do know, it’s sometime game devs are stuck with an engine problem. Just look at what’s happening with Anthem and Frostbite challenges.

Is it what’s happening right now? Idk. Yet.

I did. Recommanded resolution was 1366x768 so I’m actually using a lower resolution than recommanded. I was playing on a PS3 before trying Conan (r/patientgamers), so I’m used to chunky visual :slight_smile:

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So yes, investigation on forums and such is still a good idea and the way to go.
All depends lot the given configuration, and who knows, maybe somebody was hit by the exact same issue, or you will gather some clues at least.

I hope you will, and wish you good luck ! Let us know all good solutions, this may ever help other players. :slight_smile:


did you look if here is something of use:

also, did you try recording your computer behaviour, so you could check the last recorded state before crash (GPU-Z or something of sorts)?


Hey there @kefka, thank you for reaching out!

Have you had the opportunity to try and play other UE4 games or demos, especially demanding ones?

Hey Meo,

Actually I did before writting this thread, that post didn’t talk about BSOD crashes but is more related to performance issue and freezing while alt-tabbing. Which I don’t have. But thanks to pointing it out.

I used the Radeon default monitoring tool, nothing was relevant.

Hey Hugo thanks for the reply.

Well no, I’m only playing Conan with my wife at the moment when the kids are asleep :sweat_smile:

I’ve went through the UE4 games list and I don’t own one in my Steam Library.

Do you know any UE4 Benchmark Tools I could use to put some stress on my gaming gear?

Here you have some, but there are plenty around, simply google search. :wink:

Did you check the Radeon forum about blue-screen problems? There may also be some posts and maybe solutions.

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Hey Vattende,

Thank you for sharing that link.

I’ve download the Unreal Engine 4 Demo showcase and test it for an extening period while monitoring the GPU and the CPU.

But never got a BSOD.

Idk if the tools is relevant to Conan tho, I believe that the engine version of Conan is 4.16, the demos are old and probably use an earlier version of UE4.

It would be wonderful if @Hugo could check with the dev team to get us a Conan Benchmark demo tool. I’m dreaming tho :slight_smile:

I did, and I ended up browsing the UE4 devs forums.

Thanks for the kindness Vattende.


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