AMD Workarounds Thread

This thread contains possible solutions for players who have had performance problems running Conan Exiles with AMD CPUs, AMD GPUs or Realtek onboard audio

During May we used an external QA company to run compatibility tests across systems equipped with various combinations of AMD, nVidia and Intel hardware. We put together hardware for this test based on DxDiag reports received from players who had previously reported performance problems.


For everyone with AMD cpus who are having issues with alt-tabbing causing freezes, please do the following to eliminate the problem.

If you have followed any of the previous workarounds posted in the forums, revert those changes. (For example restoring XAudio2_7.dll if you have removed it)

Locate your Engine.ini file, which should be found in your ConanExilesInstallPath>/ConanSandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/Engine.ini folder.

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/ConanExiles/ConanSandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/Engine.ini

Edit it in notepad, and add the following to the end of the file:


Save the file, and start the game. You should no longer experience freezes when alt tabbing.
We plan to make this an ingame client setting in a future patch.

Save the file, and start the game. You should no longer experience freezes when alt tabbing.

We will make this an ingame client setting in a future patch.


AMD CPUs from the last generations differ between the “big core” (Bulldozer, Steamroller etc) and the “small core” (Bobcat, Jaguar used in PS4/Xbox1 etc). This makes it more challenging to specify system requirements without going into too much detail. Based on our compatibility tests we have an updated version of the Conan Exiles CPU system requirements:

Minimum system requirements:

  • Old: Intel Quad Core i5 or AMD equivalent
  • New: Intel Quad Core i5-2300 or AMD FX-6300

Recommended system requirements:

  • Old: Intel Quad Core i5/i7 3.3 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • New: Intel Quad Core i7 3770K or AMD Ryzen 7 1600X


When playing older versions of Conan Exiles on AMD GPUs you may experience low framerate on High or Ultra presets.

  • Workaround #1: Switch shadow presets to Medium or Low while keeping the other settings at High/Ultra
  • Workaround #2: Open console with “insert” key and type “r.AllowPointLightCubemapShadows 0”

With the latest Steam version [which upgrades from Unreal Engine 4.12 to 4.15] you should no longer experience performance issues when playing on High or Ultra settings on AMD GPUs [and the workarounds should no longer be required].

Test results:

  • AMD RX480 old Steam [Unreal 4.12] 2560x1440@High: 13 FPS
  • AMD RX480 new Steam [Unreal 4.15] 2560x1440@High: 28 FPS


The results on AMD RX480 above were captured using the method described below.

Test walkthrough

  • Start (or continue) a singleplayer game
  • Activate the cheat menu/admin panel with control + shift + C and teleport to Dsouth
  • Activate console with “insert” key and type “stat fps”, and “stat unit”
  • The fps will be printed top right on the screen and below it you will see additional debug info which indicates if you are CPU-bound or GPU-bound
  • Rotate your character a few times to cache the 3D assets
  • Move west/east along the river while reading out the framerate

We encourage you (both using AMD, Intel or nVidia) to run the same test and post your results in this thread.

Please use the following format when posting your results


  • CPU / GPU / OS / Resolution@GFX-presets / Fps min / Fps max / Fps avg


  • Intel i5-2500K / nVidia GTX 970 / Win 10 64-bit / 1920x1080@HIGH / 26 / 45 / 37
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