Game freeze and stutters

This seems to be an issue for all those people. With mulricore amd cpus… Hope it helps.

Hello all,

This may or may not help other people who have freezing issues with conan, i used to have to turn all sound off completely in order to play this fine game without it lagging/freezing out every minute or so.

I currently have an AMD FX8350 Black edition cpu which has 8 cores and 16gb of ram with a Radeon R9 380 4gb card.

As you can guess i crawled through the entirety of the internet to help me with this issue and finnally found an answer to my issue, it may or may not help others but it is my duty as a felly conanian to help others.

Here goes…

Before you open conan press CTRL ALT and DELETE to open the task manager then click on the details tab and then open conan as you normally would then alt tab out to the task manager and in the details tab look for the conansandbox.exe…right click it and left click on SET AFFINITY and turn off the bottom 4 cores then close the task manager and hopefully you can now play conan as it was meant to be played.

IF this helps please tell others all i know is if i play it without doing this i cant play with any sound on or it will be unplayable.

Please note if this works for you unfortunately you will have to do this everytime you start conan.

Hope it works guys/gals…have fun.


If you have an fx 6core cpu try just unticking 2 of the bottom cores

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commenting for testing purps

this has was THE most helpful post I have been able to find online regarding the freeze/stuttering sound issues BY FAR. The first time I tried setting to running 4 cores (we have almost the exact same hardware btw) It worked beautifully. However the subsequent times I have used this trick the audio glitches are back, but very infrequent, unless I’m doing something important lol. Should I try anything else to perhaps alleviate this issue more completely? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Commenting for testing purposes as well… this is a new issue for me from 1-2 days ago now. I was fine before but since the last couple of days I am experiencing some FPS and sound stutters.

I have tried drivers, different soundcard (NVIDIA vs onboard), lowering graphics, etc… only thing that seems to make the game playable is turning sound down to 0. I like the sounds… I want the sounds…

Gunna try the core test tonight…

Updating windows and nvidia fixed stuttering problems for me. There have been 2 major updates recently.

did affinity again but this time closed out of the task manager and its been running with no glitches… dunno why having it open in the back ground would have an affect, but hey I’ll take it, thanks again

Has this worked for you cuz it did not for me

I did this (with 6 core and only unticking the 2 bottom cores) and it works. Thank’s so much!

You should post this fix in all of the forums that talk about sound freezing the game. I only happened upon this fix after searching many threads. No one else seems to have mentioned this fix, and it worked for me.

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Great fix, I have 12 and unchecked 6 or 8?Anyway, I found a sweet spot and the game is running so much smoother! Not flawless, but much smoother. Make sure you turn off any options in steam as well if you have those set. It’s literally the last thing you would think to do too; It’s like “hmm let me just dumb down my beast setup and see if that is the issue!” Lol. This is a huge issue and needs to be addressed soon.

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Wow! I do believe this fixed my freezing. I would always freeze in the rain, especially in the north. Hard freeze where I have to use the computer kill switch. I have 24 cpus and first I tried it using only 6 but I still froze. Then I dropped down to 5 cpus and was able to play 3 hours before the hard freeze so now I dropped it down to 4 cpus and played for hours yesterday and no freezing. I deliberately made a home in the north and in the jungle in very rainy areas and no freezing! Thank you so much for this help, Blindy!