Funcom support sucks!


I have - like others - posted to the forum several times that since the previous and the last update of the PC version of the game crashes with conansandbox.error. I assume a memory leak. The game ran well before in early access - but now - no way. And no help ! I run windows 10, all fine, memory checked for damage ram . all fine, steam to check all files -a all fine.

Would be great to get a least a feedback in the forum that the report was seen and team is working on it. I understand that launch date is a crazy period - with over time etc to get all burning fires down - but to be honest - the bug has ruined the fun. In early access - I see no issue if a bug hits me - but if it is launched and the bug is there for 2 weeks …


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Hello! I apologize for any inconvenience this problem has caused you. Some other players have had the same issue in another thread and may have a solution. Please try the procedure here and see if that solves the problem you’re having:

If that does not fix the issue please upload a screenshot of the error message you’re seeing so we can have more information about the specific issue that’s effecting you.

I have reinstalled three times already. Run a ccleaner o remove all traces, wiped registry, check RAM on errors. Reinstalled, let Stea check file consistency - all without success.
Error message says: the command on 0xfe261b54 points to memory 0x0000000. The cmmand written is not able to this memory. Click Ok or cancel … both comamnds ent the sandbox.exe

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