Keep getting the same error

I cant upload a screenshot from my errror i keep getting ….

filec b branch exiles live code engine source runtime rendercore private rendering threatcpp line 959

gamethread timed out waiting for render thread after 60 sec

Hey there,

If the issue persists, Create a bug thread on the PC bug subforums. Be sure to read How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ). Create a pastebin of the error message(s) and/or (windows) log(s) on and provide the code after the .com/.

The error you have provided is unfortunately unlikely to be fixed in the near future. It has been an issue on multiple games for a long time and is a generic error. Additional information on your PC specs may help resolve the issue somewhere in the universe.

PS: I am not a moderator. Moderator posts are highlighted with green borders.

Its fixed a expierenced admin helped me by using LTP making a backup in file zila resetting my server afterwards and reinstalling all mods .Took me 3 days to find him and he fixed in less then 2 min.

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