#1310 PVP multiple exploits, item duplicating and attributes overcap

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [EU]

[Item duplication, 1310 PVP]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Wait for the scheduled server restart
  2. Place all the items from inventory into any container
  3. Just before restart occurs (5-10 seconds before restart) grab all the items from container using F key
  4. Connect to the server after restart using direct connect
  5. Check container and inventory

Result: all items were duplicated, you have the same in the container and in the inventory.

Check youtube for detailed WTR. Unfortunately, it’s in russian, but i think you’ll get the idea. Video title is “Conan Exiles - БАГ/BUG - Дюп ресов/Cloning resources/Dupe resources/glitch. Часть 6.”, just copy that into youtube search. Timestamp: 3:20.

Issue #2

[Attributes overcap, 1310 PVP]

  1. Wait for the scheduled server restart
  2. Distribute attributes points in any branch to 40 in the last 5-10 seconds before restart
  3. Wait for the restart, disconnect from the server
  4. Connect to the server
  5. Distribute unspent points using gamepad (+10 points key)

Result: attributes overcap.

Check youtube for detailed WTR. video title is “Conan Exiles - Attribute points exploit. Max stats.”

Please, look into it, cheaters on our server basically ruin the game for everyone, soon it will be one cheater clan versus another, nothing more. New player turn is very high.

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Good information, well collected and displayed. I know this knowledge is out there, but before someone else lambasts you about posting exploits, and as a new user, please take this in a positive vein.

The guidelines for posting are here, and include a link posted below about how to report exploits. The intent is to limit wide-spread exposure of blatant attempts at gaining an unfair advantage by abusing game mechanics.

I also understand that some people think that publishing exploit details motivates the devs to fix them. I tend to believe it has no effect at all. The prioritization of work is a methodical process and they take little, if any, notice of posts like this. The only purpose it serves is what you are trying to fix, expanding “soon it will be one cheater clan versus another, nothing more”.

Having said that, here is the appropriate way of getting detailed information to the devs …

I hope, as you do, it gets fixed, even if I do not PvP.



I’ve already submitted this to the exploit hunters, 0 feedback in 3 days. Sorry it comes to this. At least i got some answers here.

This information is basically public now for a while. Youtube is all over such kind of videos.

It’s been my experience that the Exploit Hunters never give feedback, but I do not remember if they state that. I do remember the part about getting a reward if you are the first person to send them a significant issue. Never hit that mark, myself.

Thanks for submitting it to them, even if they do not get back to you.



I’m not interested in any kind of rewards, just want to enjoy this great game as a relatively new player. As far as i can see there is 0 moderation on any official server, cheaters discussing exploits in global chat, etc.

QA is my job, i know what it takes to fix this kind of issue, but this is just annoying. I understand that sooner or later i will be forced to change server/game, and i don’t want to do that.

My friends and I have been reporting these same exploits and griefers using them with evidence. The community would like to see action on patching these bugs ASAP (they have been around for awhile) and perhaps some hard bans on PSN ids of the worst offending clans. The exploits and exploiters are destroying official on all platforms and the inaction against them only encourages more foul play. At this point a lot of players are losing interest and I can’t blame them.
Players on official need to know that until something concrete happens to resolve these exploits that they’re basically wasting their time unless they go down the exploit meta too

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