Official Server is offline every day

Dear FunCom.
You gave us a wonderful game, perhaps the best of all, for today. Your work is immense, we respect your work very much, but such a great work can not but contain mistakes that can deprive us of the fun of playing Conan Exiles.
Almost every day the server 1311 is offline from the beginning of the raid-time until the night automatic reboot. A group of unscrupulous players is using some kind of exploit, which can cause recourse and subsequent server hangup.
I’m sure that you are already working on fixing this bug, but right now, at such an important time, we can not play because the server is frozen and there is no one who can reboot the server manually.

You have all info

You could provide feedback to a person who is able to promptly reboot the server in the event of such an attack or somehow give us the opportunity to play Conan Exiles?


Thank you, very much! :ok_hand:

OK listen my dad owns ubisoft… Now i don’t want to have to do this but if you guys don’t turn my server back on i will have you banned REAL FAST. :rage::rage::rage:

Hi there,

The devs are currently investigating this issue. If you have anymore evidence of these claims, please feel free to DM me.

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