Official server #1344 the server was attacked

I like this game very much, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to enjoy it very well. Why? I don’t know why you can’t fix BUG properly.

I have reported many times in Steam that some players use plug-ins to destroy the balance of the game. What’s more serious is the use of plug-ins to attack the server, resulting in server paralysis, which has lasted for three weeks! Has been unable to log in the game!

At the end of June, I saw that you updated a new patch to repair BUG, which caused server paralysis due to building stacks. But until today, the server has been paralyzed. I know this is a very serious problem that exists universally! Why don’t you solve it?

Hey @Raindrop-ice

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In order for us to fix anything “properly” we might need it to be reported to us with the same level of accuracy. Please do take a look at this thread:

As this involved most probably an exploit, and as per our Community Guidelines, you might have to report this issue in detail to me or @Hugo.

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