Numerous Thrall and Combat Bugs (Unresolved)

Another bug. Vulture bodies fall through the world.

With respect, and I do mean this, I do appreciate your quick and timely response… but I’m not going to babysit a dozen forum posts just so they don’t time out on your bug forum. If you really want me to do that, I will give you my address so you can send me a check. Otherwise, this is how I choose to present the bugs. Thanks.

If you like. But it’s the “if I have time” thing that gets me. If I have time, I prefer to be doing other things than bookkeeping for free.

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@fistfulofzen, I am truly sorry for your frustration, some of the things you mentioned get to me, too, but workarounds and helpful posts here let me continue to enjoy the game. I must admit to being quite patient if the benefits outweigh the detriments.

I do, however, disagree with your posting in clear (not ‘perfectly’, as you describe it) conformance to the guidelines. Since this is your first post, I am chalking that up to unfamiliarity.

Unfortunately, your posts come across as a rant, rather than an attempt to make the game better, and as such will likely fall on deaf ears. One of the bugs you mention did evoke a response by @Romelio and others may have wanted to chime in also. Had you separated the issues, you may have gotten more reponses, leading to a trend and perhaps ending up on the dev’s radar (it already is, actually). More of your issues may have done the same, but we will never know, eh?

So, you get to ask the same question, do the benefits outweigh the detriments? If not, I think you are correct about Steam’s return policy. If only some of the lessons I’ve learned only cost me $30, I would be rich.

I hope you decide to stick with it, but it is a personal decision.

Here’s hoping you have a great day !



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I get you, but whether or not it’s a rant, the fact that posts expires after 7 days prevents community feedback. I’m really not a fan of that, and it looks like that’s part of why these problems are still, after over a full year after release, unresolved. The game is in a state that used to be considered “beta”. I find that unacceptable. It’s not being marketed as a “beta”, and I certainly wouldn’t have bought this game had I known the state it was in.

Regardless, if the only reason they don’t care about these bugs is that they weren’t posted exactly how they want them to be, then they don’t care about fixing bugs. This is a forum, not a trouble ticket system. God help them if they actually use their forums as a trouble ticket system.

Hey @fistfulofzen

We’ve posted a guide on how to report bugs, which you can find here. We understand the frustration of having to generate a thread for each issue separately, but otherwise they’re of little use to us. God might be helping in this case, as we use each thread as a report.

Well… there’s your problem, guys. How on Earth do you keep track of solution processes without an internal ticketing system? Don’t tell me you’re using e-mail…

Edit: I’ve worked in the tech industry for well over a decade for vendors that serviced Fortune 500 companies. There’s a reason these multi-billion dollar companies used internal ticketing systems to track solution processes from beginning to end.

It works.

It seems that many of these bugs have been in the game since beta and haven’t been resolved yet. Maybe… just maybe… the reason these bugs haven’t been resolved now over a year after launch is that using the chaos of a forum as a ticket tracking system isn’t working. My (professional) opinion.

See, over 1.5 million copies of this game were sold, but I don’t see 1.5 million people playing. Maybe that’s because, the bugs in the game are “frustrating” and, yes, the method of reporting and tracking bugs (that haven’t been fixed since launch) is “frustrating”. So… you’re aware that the bugs themselves, the method of reporting the bugs, and the lack of resolution of the bugs are all frustrating for your customers.

I am frustrated, yes.

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Whatever the reasons this is the system we’re following at this moment so we would be grateful that our users, no matter their backgrounds, could follow these steps for us to relay the feedback to our team. :slight_smile:


Hi, I have some of your same problems:

  • BUG 1 - It’s really annoying! For a time he had stopped happening. After the last patch it is happening to me much more frequently. Only solution = kill yourself by removing the bracelet. Every time I do this I solve the problem.

  • BUG 2 - It happens less often. The most affected by this bug are the undead. Almost completely useless compared to a live slave!

Can someone make a 3 hour bug compilation for conan exile like the one from fallout 76? XD

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Well regarding bug#1 can you even attack while in first-person? Afaik only tools work, maybe javelins.

bug#2 happens to me when I switch weapons mid-fight or while having a weapon drawn myself. it is somewhat inconsistent, altho I managed to finagle it most of the time by equipping the “other” kind of weapon directly on the weapon slot (as opposed to inventory), while not having drawn a weapon myself and not being in combat. This is a really annoying workaround sometimes, but I had decent success with it.

bug#3 seems to be a recent bug but since the last hotfix occured to me much less frequent.

bug#5 has to do with shalebacks having a really small “hit” box with their attacks. You could make a case for causing aggro through aggression alone but I bet it’s much more complicated to implement, especially for edge cases.

bug#7 resolves itself as soon as nobody is in render range for ~15minutes.

bug#8 jumping usually resolves that for me

Oh and in regards to 1.5 million copies:

first of all that’s split across all platforms I am guessing? Steam will only show “online” PC players, aka those incognito won’t show either. Then those numbers are spread across 2 years with people frequently stopping to play after finishing the game once (or coming close to). Most people I know stopped after 50-80 hours and switched over to other games - true none of them belong to the typical SV crowd.

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Don’t be silly.

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Yeah #2 is completely game breaking, thralls in combat is a major part of the game and enemy strength definitely reflects that. Lost count of the times I find myself running away to try to re equip my thralls truncheon hoping that no one is going to come up with a working thrall and take the named I just found.

AND It gets you killed which is a huge deal IMO

I’m not being silly. I’m speaking from the standpoint of someone that’s worked in solution processes for well over a decade. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Still regularly encountering Bug #1. As stated, I think it’s related to the bug where players can’t hit things “below right in front of them”. I’ve tested this out a few times. Very small resources (like short or small scale rocks) are unhittable when this bug crops up, because they are below the targetable area. Maybe because the character model is blocking the LOS of tool operation, since the “POV” is technically behind the model? Don’t know how the POV to resource object is resolved, however, so this is speculation.

I do know that whenever I don’t have the model bug, I don’t have a problem hitting MOST small or low resource blocks.

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Still have a lot of trouble hitting spiders and other small bugs, even after verifying that the character POV isn’t bugged. Using daggers is a pain, because range of attacks seems to be much shorter than animation would leave you to believe.

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Okay, I think I’m done playing the game, honestly.

I was dragging a named thrall back to my base and went over a small cliff (because it was the most direct route to my base). I landed on a tree, which provoked the climbing animation, which of course removed the rope to the thrall. When I climbed back up the cliff LITERALLY SECONDS LATER, the unconscious named thrall had already despawned.

How is this in the game where collecting thralls is part of the core mechanics of the game? I’ve been farming this group of thralls for two hours trying to get this thrall, and it despawns because I lost sight of it for literally 5 seconds? Come on, guys… Seriously.

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Weird, because I was suffering from this bug regularly until a patch a couple of months ago, then it simply vanished. In fact, it was my game database that first let Funcom replicate the problem in their lab after I and several others had reported the case. So I was kinda hopeful that they had managed to fix the problem for everyone, but looks like it was just me getting lucky for once. Seriously, I haven’t had this bug happen to me for at least a couple of months.

The named thrall doesn’t actually despawn, he/she sinks into the mesh. If you can find the exact spot and wave the cursor around you might be able to pull him/her from the hungry jaws of glitched ground meshing. Again, I have a bit of experience with this phenomenon since I also occasionally mug several named thralls and greedily try to drag several into my base.

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I wholeheartedly agree with you, but unfortunately id have to suggest you to “do not bother”, its exactly as you describe, there seems to be no budget, no motivation and barely any dev time invested in actually improving the core mechanics of this game, or resolving bugs around them, simply because they take too much effort to fix and are most likely consequences of bad AI/physics programming.

By now its obvious that most “improvements” are only developed to keep the cash flow running, cosmetic bs, unnecessary features and occasionally some bugs to keep their servers running, to at least keep players that have reached the end-game not running for the exit.

I completely feel your frustration, the sad fact is that the more time you put in this game the more you know the bugs by heart, automatically avoiding certain parts just to not wanna make pull your hair out. Till you finally reach the point where you have done everything there is you wanted to do, and uninstall the game.