Some bugs I have noticed that need fixing

There is a lot of bugs in conan with some I can ignore but this latest one is becoming an issue. The dieing when removing bracelet time period when recovering is extremely slow or it just doesn’t spawn you in, it remains on 0. I tried to restart game and tried removing bracelet to move to my bedroll base but it stayed on 0 for about 20 min or more. Other issues I have been having is latency or lag issues. I have died numerous times because it would just lag so much that the enemy kills me off or the elements kill me. I don’t know if this is a server problem because I know it’s not my internet. Rendering in can take time when travelling which puts a massive strain on the console, I imagine ps5 handles it better but still, I lost count how many times I been running and not seeing thralls because they not rendered in or see creatures that appear to be all black.


And do not expect greater improvement my fellow exile. I don’t believe ps4 will be supported for more than a year more! I can’t blame them. They do what’s necessary only, but do not think that this is not a great job to be done!
Officials are no good for us anymore! If you really want to enjoy your game go in privates. Believe me, you will play a different game in a low populated server with little percentage of buildings and storages items. Even in Grey pools all the mobs will perform correctly, invisible enemies almost 0, crush almost 0, rendering issues almost 0, dark colors exists even there, sorcery spells crush 0, respawn delay from remove your bracelet about a minute, but if you die normally very fast respawn, server crash 0, teleport crush (transportory stones) almost 0, vault bugs 0, dungeon bugs 0, lags on both dungeons and vaults 0.
No more go gather your things for the 10th time today because you crush and your toon died helpless! Try it!

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I am playing solo with no other person and sadly these issues still plague the game. Also the game freezes up and I have to restart the game.

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