An update on the next console patch

Got a new one last week and I’m still fixing stuff up. I miss my old flip phone.

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2 day’s left until funcom fail to deliver, and fall back on their word, and no communication either, another fail in their word, are we surprised by now?


Je suis abasourdi devant un tel manque de transparence :scream: Kappa.

Its on Sony/MS hands now… Covid and normal work practices isn’t a thing yet… They take longer then normal, oh noes… You lasted 6 months, whats another few days of delay. -_-’

The Voip issue might be a Sony problem that is specific to the PS4. I can speak with, and hear, anyone in the game as along as I am close to them.

However, all other voice communications requires a party to be created (on the console side) and all players must join that the party.

I feel that the PS3 did the voice communications much better across all games.

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Hello Exiles! Quick update:

Both console patches are currently in the certification step. We will, of course, release them as soon as possible, and hope to have them certified in time to release by tomorrow, Wednesday March 31 - but we can’t offer a guarantee at this exact moment.

Please note: This could mean that one of the consoles gets the update before the other. We won’t hold the release for one console up just because the other one hasn’t completed certification yet.

More info as soon as we have it! Thanks for your patience and support!


Aleluya… finally real news and directly to the console community, it’s something incredible


I thank you for the information, it already relieves me to know that you are close. I look forward


Phew! That took a while but I’m thankful you guys finally gave us a heads up. Hope it all works out :+1::metal:

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Uk (Europe) player here, stopped playing this a while back on ps4 as had my fun with it, but also felt like it had a lot of potential and weren’t going anywhere, with some frustrating bugs and issues. Actually been playing Kenshi on PC, but mainly a console player.

What great timing I decided to check if there’s been any updates! I’ll be keeping an eye out for if this new update comes in the next day or so. I mainly played this co-op with a friend as didn’t trust server’s, hopefully some annoying issues have been fixed like no friend marker/name tag or auto lock-on when changing from 1st to 3rd person, or menu settings never ever saving. I’m happy the game is still being supported, it is sure as hell better than Ark.


Well so much for early 2021 for iOS maybe we will get it by early 2022

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Believe it when I see it, probably still be waiting at Christmas, tomorrow is the first of April, the start of the second quarter, early 2021 is gone, I’m glad it’s now I’m certification stage, but is it? Are they just word’s to quiet the masses? Who knows, sorry been waiting for the game to be fixed for so long practically given up hope


Well its the 31st there folks whats the good word gonna be are we gonna see the update today or maybe by Christmas? Jokes aside seriously tho ?


Doesn’t playstation push all game updates once a week on Monday nights going into Tuesday morning?

So maybe next week.

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Yeah that’s right once a week, same day for all updates. So expect hopefully next week Tuesday.

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Greetings everyone and thank you for being patient and understanding with us.

Unfortunately neither the Xbox or PS4 patch have been certified at this point. We will thus not be able to deliver on the expectation of patching this month, for which we apologize. We were too optimistic with the timeline.
We of course plan to release both as soon as possible, and are working on addressing any issues and coordinating with both Microsoft and Sony to have the certification completed in the shortest possible time frame. Currently we do not have a clear estimate for the releases, but will share with you once we do.
Though we don’t have a clear estimate for the releases, this does mean we missed the window for this week.

As always, thank you for your continued support.


You could see it coming … at least they had news. And as always by the end of next month, and so on until Christmas or 2022 …

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Es sorprendente verte esta noticia, después de ver que ponen el juego en oferta en la Store… pero gracias por la información.

Not surprised, the certification process seems pretty unpredictable.

Anyway, more time for oil and ichor.


Well, that’s disappointing. Made an account just to say that. I was getting pretty eager to get back into the game, I was even thinking of buying another DLC pack. Never got the Yamatai one and was going to restart for all the mechanic updates, roleplay as a samurai girl, all that good stuff. Since there’s no ETA at all, I’m guessing the update straight-up failed certification? Yikes.

Could take ages for it to get fixed up enough to go through.

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