Console update date (PS4)

I don’t have to do anything…

They gave you estimated date, and you held it as concrete. THATS on you. If you can’t seem to understand that and fact Sony and MS Certifaction thing works.

You and handful of people are on “the edge” and constantly making topics and post likes its major issue at hand. this is always how it is waiting for Patches for any console game. From FO76, Cyberpunk 2077, ESO…

Its not JUST Funcom. Alot of games feel mis-handled. (I wont disagree, with that… 3+ months to fix few of bugs n console side has been, a massive middle finger to console community)

But being mad at Certifaction Process and How the info comes out… No need for pitch fork and torches.

Again… If they stay quiet, people are mad.
They say something, People mad its not what you want.

They can not win, Inless its Answer you want… SO of course there not responding to half bsnpeople are posting.
No win for them inless they give you the answer you want… and they don’t have it right now.

It happen like every other console game that needs a patch to fix something. -_-’

You can be mad, But you have no rights Bash a Staff member on call out cause you don’t like how process works.


Au dernier zigotos si vous vous contenter de se que vous avez c’est très bien ,mais nous on veut du contenu régulièrement pas 1 fois par an .et non les autres jeux prépare leur mise à jour eux

donc beaucoup moins d’attente et cela se rajoute à la disparition de l’araignée qui donne le casque pour réparer son arme, la reine scorpion qui ne donne plus d’œufs, dina qui à totalement disparu, j’ai joué à plus de 70 jeux ps et la plus part rajouté du contenu régulièrement et reponde au joueur quand une question leur est posé ,et surtout règle les problèmes très vite .une mise à jour ça se prépare, ils connaissent les règles sony et Microsoft, et si c’est rejeté par les consoles c’est de leur faute tous simplement ,depuis un an le jeu tourne en rond .mais le pire c’est que nous aimons se jeux mais la façon de faire dégoûte du jeu ,alors ne vous méprenez pas si on rale c’est qu’il y a beaucoup d’attente. Depuis 2018 que des dlc de construction aucun contenu d’histoire, ils devraient plutôt s’estimer heureux que nous sommes encore sur ce jeu.

I believe, that they are not so excited about the PS4 platforms and the X-BOX, on the floor of the carriage, if they do not change their way of thinking, the game will die on the console, and that is sad in a way, because it is a great game, as far as the island of Siptah is concerned, I believe that we can forget, I do not believe that it will come out for us, (I really hope I am wrong).


My thought is when they can fix things f for console they will at this point everything needs to be proper before everything turned over to console. Prime example 5 time it took me to type this out properly


hahahahahahahaha, truth :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
sad but it’s the truth


For those who haven’t worked with Sony before, turn around time for certification of routine patches is usually in the 2-3 days range, with expeditions available for high priority fixes and more valued partners (game studios that do lots of sales on the PSN).
For larger content, or lower priority content creators, it can easily run in to the two to three week range, more if there is a holiday nearby.

As for communication, I personally would really appreciate updates noting the day they sent the patch in for certification, so we can all start biting our nails together. Then again, all things considered, I can see why staff may be reluctant to hop on the forums. I cannot imagine community engagement is a much sought after job. Partially because there is some vitriol flowing freely here, and partially because everyone knows that the vitriol isn’t entirely unwarranted.

I personally will be pleasantly surprised if it drops before mid month.


I’m hoping the update comes soon. I’m tired of dealing with all this free passive fish. Going in at lease once a day and cooking some for ichor and putting some in the press for oil.

And then what am I stuck with besides so many stacks and stacks of cooked unappetizing fish?
Putrid meat. Just a few hours ago I had 87 stacks of putrid meat. That’s 2,175 putrid meat to deal with. I had more too. That’s just how much when I decided to count it :slight_smile:

So then didn’t want it to go to waste so grabbed tons of bone meal and plant fibre to get compost.

Next time I’ll just put it in a press or something. 1 ichor for 50 putrid meat. What a deal lol

If someone has a better idea, let me know!



That doesn’t sound like a good way to make ichor at all. Think I will try the spiders and lizard approach today.


I’m getting lots of ichor and oil from cooking and pressing the fish. I had lots to begin with so now I have more :slight_smile:

But just all the byproduct you get after :frowning:

But yeah pressing 50 putrid meat is just silly to get 1 ichor.

Seems wasteful just to drop it though

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