Consoles Update (PS4,XBOX)

According to what you said in the live on the console update is that it would arrive before the end of the month, today is that key day and still has not come out, I would like you to say what will be the day that the new update will come out and so the community will stop being stressed asking for the update.

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure they said the console update was currently waiting for certification or something along those lines so it’s now out of their hands and into Sonys… all we gotta do is wait, there’s still a little time before the end of the month, hopefully in the next few days it will drop but we’re almost there.

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Common it is now the last Friday of the month, I understand you have to await Sony cert but it doesn’t take this long, I know many games and companies who have placed cert after you’ve climed to have put this update though that have been approved and instigated yet we are still sitting here twiddling our thumbs and being hounded daily by our player base for when this patch will actually come along.

Its a really stressful situation to be in when as server owners we cannot give a definitive answer to our players because of lack of communication from funcom, surly by now you have some idea of when it will be implemented???
Its been weeks since the dev stream??
You cannot honestly expect us to believe sony havent said a word to you guys???


say that it depends on Sony, it seems to be taking the blame from them with the neglect of the consoles … they said that they INTEND until the end of the month … that intend is what scares me.

Some games certified faster that other cod campaign is easy and small thus it’s go fast where ce is much larger thus more difficult. I would also like to point out that we are behind on updates and this one will be massive in size thus the bigger update means a lot more that needs certificates time needs that’s assuming it does make it through and not denied and they have to redo a bit but yes it’s in certification last I knew