Still waiting for update to hit xbox :(

cant be to far away now right?

Same here, but I figure it will not hit until next week, which is not that far anyway.
At least that way all hotfixes will come along with the main patch.

latest Info from Funcom

Is it possible to let us know if the console patches are going through their respective certification processes right now or if they are still in the works on the Funcom side?

I know it will be ready when it’s ready, but I was trying to set my expectations.


@Ignasi would you be able to comment? I know there is generally a few day lag for the certification process, which should have put the console patch roll out around yesterday, today, or even tomorrow. Since it didn’t happen today and there hasn’t been an update in a few days, can y’all at least confirm whether the patches are in the certification process or not?

Thanks in advance

Hey there,

Right now, we don’t have any concrete ETA. As soon as this changes and we feel comfortable about a targeted date, we will let you know. It is a pretty huge patch and we want to make sure we give it as much care and attention as we gave the PC Version. This parity patch will also include console oriented fixes and all additional patches that might have gone out or might go out for PC. So there is some additional testing involved.


thanks for the update… i know we are all eager to get the patch… keep up the good work Funcom!!

Thanks for the update. I’m a ok with waiting. I’ve appreciated all of your hard work and dedication that’s been put into this game.

For now I’ll keep stockpiling the ingredients for T3 walls. Once the patch hits, it’s shoring up my defenses time.

Thanks again!!! :grin:

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