How about that parity patch? lmao

I read ur post brotherman thought about it an well …I agree with u I think u changed my stance on this I wasn’t trying to keep any thing good from anyone just I guess a form of solidarity between everyone but on second glance u r right it would b nice to get at least a timely release for us aswell but thank u for that

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YEah, it has been a credo of mine since i became and adult and during my looooooonnng career, have had others get jobs/promotions i was sure i was more qualified for. But then i realized 99% of the time the person who got the job was doing what i was doing, trying to get ahead. So i try not to spread my disappointment, bad days, etc… to others. But i also understand how you felt, because the changes seemed (and are turning out now that we got them) so damn good for the game.

Hope you are enjoying the new stuff like I am. Worth the wait, especially buildings loading!!!

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I’m glad to see y’all are enjoying the parity patch. Some of the posts taking about the new features are amazing. Hopefully I’ll be able to join you soon. Just waiting on the xbox version to drop.

Until then I’m reading all of your posts and running around like a kid before Christmas. :grinning:

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All the years of Console Wars, and some how I still feel sorry for y’all over there on the green side.

Seriously, i know it sucks. But i think a majority will like it, even with a few minimal bugs that will get ironed out soon.

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