Connectivity Issues, June 11th

What about the people who lose their stuff because of this… wish the best to those, you won’t get it back.


I live in California. This problem started for me at around 5 pm pst. Its now 2 am the next day. Can someone PLEASE give us a damned update on this crap? I was on a server only because i joined my friends session earlier in the day and when our server had its reset NO ONE COULD GET ON. PLEASE give us an update. Like seriously. When reset hit i was in a boss room with a thrall in the warmaker dungeon. It took me forever to get that thrall i really hope i dont lose him cause of this newest screw up and bug.



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Please be patience!!!


I was in the warmaker dungeon with my thrall if i lose it who will give me back that thrall And the legendary weapon on it?


Update June 12 (0am PT / 3am ET / 9am CEST)

We’re aware of the connectivity issues on PS4 and we’re working on a hotfix to get it solved ASAP.

– Ignasis

I believe this is going through testing at the moment.


It would be so nice to have an update on things. My only day off and I was hoping to chill out a bit by playing Conan, but it seems it may not be possible today🧐


Did Funcom forget to pay the internet bill?


No update at all on when this will be fixed. Very poor customer service.

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Cool,i was just looking for this issue,same here,it tells me i am not online on ps4,but i can join and play othergames and visit the shop,thanks for heads up!

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Its happend to all of us. I think they are working in that!!

Hey everybody,

We are still investigating the connectivity issues currently occurring on PS4 and are working on a solution we aim to release as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


thanks for telling what is happening to the community now we can wait more calm (:


Ever feel like you’re being completely ignored? Any response from funcom would be appreciated. I don’t think that’s very much to ask for after this long of a wait.


Thanks for the update😉


I understand you are working on the issue, but a little update on the progress would be nice.

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They are working fixing a lot of problems im sure. Think we are so many people who play conan.

But no one think that the issue can be more severe than we expect, and that this can require time to investigate and work on it? is there someone that is complaining that works in the IT industry? Or do you think that reboot is enough like you do when you have issue with smartphones or PCs? Leave them working on it, i don’t think they have fun on having servers down.

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Can we have some news about the updates ? Can we play today or the game is broken ? Because updates after updates, old bugs are fixed but new ones appear more numerous.


Adding perhaps extra harvest for the things lost ,would been nice ,pve servers