PS4 Hotfix (15.04.2019) - Treasures of Turan DLC and UI fix

Please fix it soon, im starting to want a refund

Was able to buy DLC, but when I used link from opening screen it opened up a web page on the PS4. Take this down: that is a pain. The browser on PS4 is just bad. I found it easier just opening the store on the main PS4 menu and found a search in add ons. That way is quick and doesn’t require me to sign in. Also, when you do it that way, the DLC showed up almost instantly after purchase. The links should avoid the browser and open up the menu store app instead.

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I agree went into ps store paid and got it. My wife went into browser opened up a can of worms. Ending up calling psn to fix password we couldn’t find till the next day lol.

This is insane. 15 minutes before the door load so I enter my house. Bugcom fix this very soon. It’s on ps4


So still no new infos about the turan dlc on x box ? Even on x box its give a bug each time when server resets your bed get unasingt

The new DLC and hotfix will be released as soon as it passes certification. We apologize for the delay.

On PS4, Treasures of Turan should now work properly for Season Pass owners. If you still cannot see it in-game, please make sure to go to the Duran page on the PSN store and re-acquire it from there. It will show as Free for Season Pass owners. We apologize for the frustrations.

Will be on x box then a option too get a sesson pass tooo ?

Yes, that’ll be an option once the Turan patch is out.

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Does Funcom not have same day certification from Sony for patches?

As a PS4 guy, no. There were times we were the last. Certs are totally MS/Sony side as far as red tape that Funcom has to go through.

Certing the pathces is like the FCCratings approval process of South Park. If everything is in line, then cert is easy, and could be same day for all of them. If there are any issues, then Funcom has to fix said issue. Like South Park has to edit content for the FCC ratings. So then the volleying of back and forth until the patch passes MS/Sony standards, whatever they are.

Look not all the free to play users are ■■■■■■■■ I don’t do base raiding especially after experiencing similar issues as a day 1 ps3 minecraft user. Also I play this offline to avoid this issue.


Ps4 pro-t használok.a conan 2018.aug óta van meg 4 vásárolt dlc-vel… venném az 5.-is de igy minek.
2hete nem tudok belépni a single play betöltés közben kifagy… kék halál és hibakód.
Ezt mindig elküldtem a ps rendszeren.

Azóta nem játszom emiatt, naponta tesztelem de semmi változás.
Gportal szerverem is volt fél évig de haverok elmaradtak igy maradt az első kezdeti single play lehetőség… vagyis… vittem ezidáig napi rendszerességgel (lásd: ) mertazóta nem játszható a játék… segitsetek… help…please
Ujratelepitettem teljes törlés után de ugyan úgy fagy.

Hungary/Magyarország / Magyar nyelv irtam :slight_smile:

Yea so since you guys dont seem to have a support email, or anything accessible really at all, I guess I’ll reply to this to hopefully voice my problem. So I rent a server right? And I’ve been having no end of issues over the past 3 days with teleporting players and teleporting npc’s, in addition, all enemies are now lightning fast, with the way they move and attack, I have not adjusted any server values related to enemies at all, ever. Additionally, my whole server and I are noticing our stamina is being consumed twice as fast from any activity, I have never adjusted this setting, and I have also checked to see if the setting had been changed somehow, it has not been changed. It’s borderline unplayable, I dont know if its something on your end, or G-portals, either way its gonna be a pain getting ahold of anyone who can actually fix this I imagine. Looking forward to a response soon.

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Not sure about the teleport but we had the stamina issues on the two servers I run. I reduced stamina multipliers to compensate.

That being said we are having numerous other bugs. I’m hoping this mythical PS4Pro patch/ hotfix will address them and lack of admin functions or I think it’s goodbye Conan.

Becomes far too frustrating being admin on a bugged world all the time.


Hey @ClassyDeathclaw

Welcome to our community.
This seems perhaps an issue with the performance of the server. You should get in touch with G-Portal’s customer service and see if there is any issues with the server or its hardware that could explain this.
Also, to report any bugs or issues with the game, please follow these instructions:
How to be a pro PS4 bug hunter
Thanks :slight_smile:

How about you add A admin control to delete all structure at any time as alot of builds get attacked and left only thing admin can do is delete one foundation at a time or drop a God on it to clear it up adding the admin function would save on alot of server lag and easier server clean up

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New patch is out!