PS4 Hotfix (30.01.2019) - Anti-flooding and crash fixes


The 7 day decay timer is across all modes unfortunately, I personally think they should’ve kept the 14 day decay timer they had over the holiday period.


Finally broke down and played… ugh.

At first, I was like oh hey…it loaded. then blue screen error
CE-34878-0 before I could even nab lore stone, lol…

Had make new character, cause my old one will not load properly, thralls in floors, missing buildings and pieces…

Can’t aim up or down with axe or pickaxe, so couldn’t harvest alot of nodes and corpses. If you go in 1st person, your arms stuck in a cast it seems…
Thou I notice every now and then it works.

Then I noticed as I travel map… the FPS seems much better, and runs smoother…Intill. The game freezes for half-a-sec, and keeps going. Ever play Morrowind on Xbox, were you get hit with the “loading cell” message. Its alot like that. It really takes you out of game every 3-5mins.

and… and… the (insert so many swear words) L2 and R2 still do not function as they did!

Funcom, please just rollback game to patch before Katanas… it worked itlest.

Kudos for making it run abit better…ish…sorta… the freezes every 3-5mins suck. But oh well.
If i wanna torture myself later, i’ll make small video of some of these issue and others, but i really do not like this game anymore. (but want to)


Hey there,

We announced we were going back to normal decay timers in this post in the Announcements section :slight_smile:


40 players at any given hour on a server, social interaction is constantly encouraged through the clan system encouraging us to build citys and towns, with our clans…of players met…in game! glad you found a use for the kick button where as i use the dodge button for the purpose you proposed i’d still rather i be able to roll dodge backwards and whip out my bow and get in 2 cheap shots than do some rockette style kick that leaves me completely exposed to attack and unless your running with a combat build if you encounter another player who wants to fight you run cause i can asure you i wont be standing around trying to kick you like some kind of jackass i going to be swinging my ■■■■■■■ sword trying to remove the head from your corpse, as for my lying, what year did this game come out, no really say what year this game came out and tell me what year it is right now, ive got to assume that your one of the people who’s glitching through walls seeing how incenced you are by my post, also again this is in fact a mmo, you tell me which mmo’s allow for 30 or more players on a server at a time i know elder scrolls does, gta sure dosnt neither do most shooters (and i am speaking of ps4 not pc games) before i deleted this stain from my ps4 i was on a server of like minded people, and then the glitcher’s showed up raided all our bases and left the server to go and do it on another server, does this encourage me tou build and survive, no cause all the work i put into my base in the year 2018 was wiped out in 10 minutes in the year 2019, so if that sounds like an ideal game to you more power to you, have fun roaming abbandoned servers. i’ll be playing games that ban exploiters and have thriving servers while this company continues to ignore it’s customers and delete any post with a hint of criticism


It should but I think in single payer if u explore the options u can turn off the decay system altogether an thralls needing to eat aswell


Thank u I figured u probably did but if I missed it someone else might have aswell didn’t want someone to come back from a break an be salty as all hell lmao that would make for a grumpy gamer lol


They really should have left it. But I’m not surprised; asking us for feedback and then doing the opposite is standard for these devs.


Like I said, the PS4 version of Conan Exiles came out on May 8th, 2018, we are currently in February 2019, meaning the game has only been out for EIGHT months, so you can’t have a year of work on the game at all. As I was saying regarding the server size, 40 is too LOW of a number for it to be an MMO, and for more examples of PS4 MMOs that more than 30 per server, that’s easy, Final Fantasy XIV, TERA, Onigiri, DC Universe Online, all of which allow player number in the hundreds, if not thousands.

As for your accusation that I’m one of the people who glitch through walls, wrong, you even assume I play on a server, wrong again, I only play Conan Exiles on single player, which is yet another point that proves it ISN’T an MMO, no MMO ever has an offline mode, it’s online only or nothing, not mention all MMOs will frequently take servers down for maintenance, something this game doesn’t really do.


I have a last question, why i can’t normally transfer items from inventory to another place, why does it stop every few items? Why spoil the game instead of repairing it?


We have released a new patch for the PS4 version of Conan Exiles!

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