Thinking about buying

I just have a few concerns…that are more to do with the current state of gaming as a whole.

#1: Will Archery be improved upon launch, or is this just a pure melee game at this point with magic being removed…or at least put on the back burner.

I am a fan of ranged combat but everyone seems to be saying that range is pointless atm.

#2: I read a few posts that the official servers are overrun with hackers. Is this true? I would just play a dedicated server with some admins, but have run into issues on Ark and Rust with the admins playing unfairly and it just ruins the whole server. Is there a hacking/cheating problem?

#3: How does this game compare to Ark and Rust. I know it’s probably a biased question here on THESE forums, but is the leveling and progression more in depth than Ark, is there taming of pets like in Ark? Does it take a group of least 10 people to get anything done like in Rust?

Thanks for the info all!

Archery will get better, they said to change some perks to boost archers. at launch or short after that.
Conan, plays very different as ark or rust (i own rust and ark aswel) you really should not compare conan vs ark or rust.
about the admins on official servers, i’m sure if admins go rogue they will be punished real fast. and as far as i know rogue admins on conan official servers don’t exist.
personally i find this game really good, it can as always improve like any other game but its well and fair on its way to a glorious game.

Last time I checked there are no admins on official servers. That is why you get people blocking off areas or finding very interesting ways to kill or annoy less leveled players. If you are leveled enough you can pretty much anything in the game alone it just may take more time and more planning. If I was you I would wait until after the official release then come back and read what people are saying. I have been with this game since the initial public ER and it has come a long way. But unless you are one of those people that will sit and play this game (this game only) nonstop you will get a lot of unwanted surprises. Case and point patch 33. Lost all but one cabinet with materials I have been gathering for months. Two weeks later a patch comes out and says to upgrade your floors because of new collisions. (Remember I just said I lost all raw materials). Upgraded all my foundations (which were in water) to reinforced wood. Logged in today and my entire base is gone. Every trophy, every thrall, every weapon, every bench.
This is a really good game but that is a lot of time to walk away empty handed. So like many I will wait until the game is more stable and I would advise anyone to do the same.

There are no active admins on official servers, there’s just too many servers to keep staff on all of them, and stuff can get out of hand. Private servers with active admins are the best if you are worried about offline raiding and griefing. I have played on several private servers and the admins (in my experience) have all been fair and non abusive.

Archery is good for catching someone off guard at a considerable range if you dump all of your stats into it (and they’re not wearing heavy armor/shield), but it is primarily a melee game. All of the weapons are very unique with different fighting styles and techniques to get the most out of them. I would say they have all of the weapons working at a good balance now, aside from maces (which are too short on range to be effective). This new combat system was the deciding factor for me to finally buy the game, and it did not disappoint. It is very unique for a survival game and fits the Conan world very well.

There is no taming mounts like Ark yet (it may come in a few months after launch). There is however slaves! You can knock out npc’s and drag them to a wheel of pain to break them and make 'em work for you. World bosses and dungeons are far easier if you have a few teammates to assist you, but they can be done solo (although that may take some time).

Knowing that wipes are coming for launch in a week, many people have quit for the time being. Private servers that do not wipe run the risk of old bugs returning from old items that will be recoded during the launch patch (gas orbs and sandstone ceilings for instance). There are still some bugs from the testlive combat patches that still need fixed in live, and other things (like rock nodes) are still not bug free. I have been spending time recently building structures and perfecting the designs for when i finally try to implement them after launch. Hope you give the game a try and enjoy! :grin:

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Yes activ admin on privat servers but only as long as they stay, they can leav in any moment and its the start of the end of the server. bean ther i know.

I host a server and find that many players have this concern, and rightly so.
It would be nice to be able to give the players more assurance that my server is there to stay, haven’t a clue how this could be achieved.