Is it worth starting again

I came back to Age of Conan after a 3 years break and would do the same with SWL but is it worth starting new with a new toon from zero? Are there enough people out there to play with? How many people play this game at the moment? The server still populated or will it die soon?

Well personaly I think yes
We got enough ppl to run any stuff from lfm,some endgame cabals running e10 nyr,and the server would never die…even Anarchy OL still alive.

There are still people playing this game. While the exact number is unknown, it appears to be trending down and the lack of communication from Funcom does not inspire confidence about a bright future for SWL.
While Funcom isn’t likely to shut SWL down any time soon, I’d say if you played TSW in the past, that’s good enough. The main story has progressed by only six main missions compared to TSW (in 3.5 years).

Questions you will see many, not very object ive, answer to. Worth it depend on what YOU expect. Without that, nobody can tell you if your expectations are met =). With that in mind.

For me. Absolutely, but I love going through the story and repeat it, getting excited when i notice some detail i didnt before =). I am also happy to play alone through story, so others don’t matter much in that regard.

If you dont care for the story, and have a toon already leveled, then I wouldnt start over, cause why should you?

As a European i find the server a little quiet for the first half of the day. US is sleeping, European are at work, but that is nothing new for SWL.

Only funcom knows that. With players split between Steam and Standalone client, there simply isnt full data on it, available to us. Some will swear up and down the steam charts give the right picture, just keep in mind that nobody knows, with documentation, how much of the playerbase uses which client.

This is a can of worms and I would recommend removing it, but somebody will utter the words eventually on their own =P

You ask me? No. It is not about to die. You ask the right other person on these forums, and they will tell you it is already dead.

You can sit in group finder quiet a while, but I dont find it too terrible. Mega bosses and lairs happen enough too, as do call outs for other groups, that try a more active group finder method. Maybe find yourself a cabal if you want some regular running mates.


No. Watch South Africa story line quests on youtube.

Anyone else find it funny that the post that Darkslav chose as the solution to his question was flagged by “the community”?

Anyway, my opinion is that it is probably worth starting again. But that depends on what you mean by “worth”. If you’re looking for a long-term time investment type game, there’s other more stable MMOs out there. If you’re just looking for some entertainment, playing through the main story can still be fun, and don’t forget you can do it all for free. So on a money-per-entertainment-hour basis, it’s definitely worth it.

While I do think the game population is trending downward, it’ll be a while before it’s completely dead. Honestly, you can experience all the game has to offer in a few months of casual play. Just get through the main story and run some dungeons at whatever level you make it up to. After that, it’s just repetition, anyway.

The reason why I took this solution is because I hate people flagging other peoples postings without any reason. It does not violate any rules. They do it because they do not accept other peoples opinion.


True. The current World of Warcraft expansion is well worth playing, and of course WoW Classic will be launching in August. I for one can’t wait to play that as I didn’t get into the game until after Cataclysm.

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