Cold Feet! How long this time?

So I loved the old game. At least till we ran out of content. I hear the new content is still pretty limited but my real fear is that the genius at funcom will feel the need to reinvent the game again. That I’m stI’ll salty that we did get max lvl character tokens…

Sorry, but, did you have a point you were trying to make?

Play or don’t. Max level happens in no time in this game, and TSW didn’t even have character levels. The gear grind isn’t even necessary because you can do everything in the game with moderate gear.

I wasn’t happy that they re-invented SWL instead of continuing TSW. But the re-launch seems successful enough. Although FunCom still needs to hire someone who understands actually running a cash shop for today’s MMO audience.

If you like the game, play it. If you don’t, don’t. The time for re-launch salt passed about 9 months ago.

Edit: Let’s put it this way… I’m quite a bit happier about FunCom re-launching TSW as SWL, than I was about NCSoft shutting down City of Heroes. One of those two scenarios was going to happen here. Which one would you prefer?


Oh my god. I don’t want to live through something like the City of Heroes shutdown ever again. That was awful.

Thanks, I guess weather or not it seems successful is my big question at this point. I think I like the new game but if I invest the time to lvl a toon and all and they close it down, well, that would be salt in an open wound.

That would indeed suck, but its also sorta like not reading a book because maybe it won’t become a 10-book series, or not watching a movie unless you know it will have 6 sequels…

When I play a game, I play it for the fun I’m having now. I don’t consider it an investment that I need to be able to rely on in the future. I mean, I did consider it that way but CoH (and EverQuest) taught me differently.


MMOs and players that need servers to run are a fickle business to begin with City of Heroes is one of the more well known examples, but it’s happened many times before. I’m with MadBadger on this one.
Just laugh, play and be merry since it for tomorrow it might die.
Be sure to take plenty of pictures.

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In relation to being given “max level tokens” or character boosts I’m glad they didn’t. There were quite a few changes in Egypt to the main story to make it more coherent. Not to mention the change to weapons. Letting people jump in at the deep end would have bypassed some great storytelling and the chance to learn about the new mechanics.

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People would not have been forced to use tokens. I’m sure the decision to not hand out tokens had little to do with marketing BS bingo reasons like enjoying the marginally revamped story and a lot with not wanting people to jump in at the ‘deep end’ of the shallow, mind-numbingly boring ten elites grind.

It’s more likely that they didn’t do it because they don’t owe anyone a max level character (all our characters still exist in TSW after all) and/or time spent coming up with a system to generate viable max-level characters (how much gear do they have and at what level? What spec are they? Should they already have all the missions in the game completed? etc etc) was time they could be spending on useful things.

Losing my character (or not having it transfer i should say) I am not bothered by. Not doing that was a smart move on there part because it turns away a large % of the new population when there is all ready people at max gear. It also would have destroyed the economy in SWL very early on.

I will however say that I would like to have the 50% of missing endgame group content that existed in TSW back. Personally I would have rather had that over farm simulator. But that’s personal opinion, as a story focused game I can’t say it was a wrong move.

We’ve done the story many, many times and the new mechanics were as challenging as a Rubik’s Cube with only one colour.

“It has a great story” makes up for a lot of failings - in an RPG. MMOs are dramatically less forgiving.

They didn’t do it because they wanted the money of people going up the progression tiers.

EDIT: furiously pours a salt shaker out on his keyboard and stares angrily at the screen

How dare they. :v:

This ludicrous fantasy that TSW was the hardest game ever created needs to die tbh, if it clicked for you (which it did for a lot of people) it was essentially no harder than SWL is - the “difficulty” came from it being obtuse and not really explaining how anything worked.

It’s a shame that more people didn’t “get” TSW when they tried it but at the end of the day that’s on the game for not explaining itself properly and us, the community, for not helping them. :v:

Well … mentioning a “max-lvl-character token” while mentioning “running out of content” is quite ironic if you ask me ^^!

I have to admit that i was happy to have to start over again, because in the most games i really, really enjoy the levelling-phase more than the “holy” endgame, especially when the story is good. In the case of SWL it just brought back memories ^^.

I don´t understand people who don´t want to play a game the “normal” way and instead want to hit Max-Level instantly.
The Levelling-Phase is an important part of a game (especially in MMORPGs) because you will be constantly rewarded with little successes and parts of the story wich keep you playing (or not in some cases, when the game sucks!).

When you know the story already it can be an even better experience, because you will have parts of the story you are looking forward too because you already enjoyed them before.

The point of playing a game is actually playing it.


I don’t believe that’s true but I’d be happy to be proven wrong. I expect that if there is any difference it’s probably very minor though, since I remember TSW and it absolutely was not the punishing experience everyone pretends it was.

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Enter Kaidan with a character in mostly green gear. That might bring back the feeling of old Kaidan.

You must have been late to playing TSW, as it’s night and day different in difficulty from SWL. At launch you could die in KM from draug! You had to change your build throughout the game, SWL - anything any combo of weapons and everything melts like butter. (on my fourth play thru in SWL - still love the story!)

I’m glad FC relaunched TSW as SWL rather than just flushing it, but it’s playing Secret World Lite. My only complaint the loss of eight character slots and max’d banking/inventory - those were real $$ purchases versus the pixelated clothing, often purchased with ingame pixel coins. That came over with no problem. So, I don’t spend as freely as I did in TSW (and I am a GM but support games I play). It would have been nice to have had achievement progress, museum and kill counts transfer, but they didn’t. And it has given people things to do as leveling is extremely fast.

I will say though, when I listen to people complain about having to spend a few minutes locating Dead Drop or how hard The Purge is, or complain about all the puzzles in SWL, I think maybe this game is what we deserved.


I enjoyed how hard TSW was Back In Ye Olde, but can’t find it in me to disagree that it lost them a lot of players and needed to be ratcheted back a little :slight_smile:

Totally agree with that. More people than not that I knew quit by Savage Coast or Blue Mountain. My point was the OP saying it was the same as SWL - not in my opinion.

I was in the beta for TSW actually, it absolutely isn’t night and day lol. I bet plenty of players still die to Kingsmouth draug in SWL, just not the ones who spent five years playing TSW.