Down time on launch day?

Does anyone know how long the servers are gonna be down on the 4th?

I have the day off so I want to plan accordingly. :tada:

Big patches usually get scheduled for 4 or 6 hours down, depending. Usually 4, but it’s common that they get extended past the scheduled downtime.

Expect a lot of instability and ups and downs for a few days after, though. FC rarely has a patch day go smoothly anymore. The original TSW launch was one of the smoothest MMO launches I’ve ever seen, but it’s been downhill since then. :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for the reply! I’ll keep it in mind! :slight_smile:

Yeah, at this point I try not to really make an effort to play the new content until they have had the chance to patch things at least once (not counting the Day One Emergency Patch and, Emergency Hot Fix, and Emergency Server Restart, those are just to keep the Server Hamsters from dying of exhaustion). The Fourth falls on a Wednesday, so I would say that the game should be ready, for a given value of ready, by Saturday, give or take a few days. Reasonably stable by the following Wednesday, the eleventh.
No, this is not one of my funny posts.


Knowing Funcom, its pointless to play the season 2 untill after 3 or 4 patches and few Hotfixes.
Im not going to hurry about playing it until bugs are found and fixed.

sad part is, there will be some new players coming in or old players coming back at the 4th launch.
hope they will not be naked in agartha. because a bug like this could destroy funcom’s reputation.

You leave my Post Patch Tree Orgies out of this!


Are you sure ?
It’s so good to be bad.

I would reschedule your day off if at all possible. I love this game to pieces, but if the Agent System, which is nothing more than a few window/menus requires patches and causes things in Agartha to glitch out, what hope is there for a whole new area that will likely have an additional portal added in Agartha?

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And, just to put things into perspective here, this is not a ‘Crap On SWL’ thread. These kinds of problems are pretty standard in a whole lot of MMO’s. If this were a Cryptic/World game (shudders) I would advise giving it at least a MONTH and even then, don’t get your hopes up.

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Between the big patch and hotfixes, I’m not holding my breath for being able to play much on the 4th. I have plans after work that day so I probably won’t be home until 7-7:30 pm eastern. First thing I’ll do is come here and see what fresh chaos is being reported and then decide if I want/need to wait or I can jump in.

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It’s so hard to say. Usually the downtime doesn’t actually take that long but then something breaks and we get a second downtime. Pretty much what everyone else said… launches rarely go nicely in -any- game. I don’t think it and the agent system launch are comparable though, though something we will -definitely- probably see issues with is people having problems updating to the new quest (particularly if it’s another SMS thing because those seem to always have ten thousand “But I didn’t get it”). The reason I think it might be lower problem than the agent system is the agent system was available to everyone from level 15 up and had to be ‘accessible’ from every part of the world, but required people to go to Agartha to retrieve the SMS to open it…and that just meant all sorts of potential clashing and unique problems from having the interface accessible and such. SWL has already experienced the launching of a new Zone in Tokyo (both in TSW and later in SWL) so it may go a -bit- smoother because of that element.

So my best recommendation is check for an update in the morning so you can make sure you have everything downloaded, if you have any errands to run that day, plan them for the morning. Check in the afternoon to see if you can’t manage to slip in for a while, but be prepared for bugs, expect there to potentially be another bump in the road towards the evening as more people get off work because with more people comes more potential broken things. Just be prepared for things to be rocky, and if they’re not - awesome, you’re pleasantly surprised! If they are… well, you already planned for that.

You realize that when new content is added it is not just what you see that is new. Coders futz around with the internals constantly, even when they are just restarting servers.

It is never just what we see that has been changed so even if what is new is just a few windows, etc, there is plenty being altered that has potential to conflict in ways they couldn’t foresee.

Unless you are an experienced coder with your own online game that works perfectly, in which case I apologize and send me a link, I’ll play that on patch day.

c’mon man, as a dev I have been fired and I will be for sure for something “I couldn’t foresee”. and I never produced something big as a broken customer database.
what I can not understand is that funcom boss talked about increasing quality. but that level of bugs is like product are not even tested before launch.