Character restoration

Hello, i deleted one of my characters by mistake and want to restore him, created petition a week ago but no response. How do i can restore him?

May God bless him/her… :wink:

you need to be patient. it might take up to 8weeks for support to respond.

So pretty much you’ll never see your toon again :frowning:

Just FYI: Funcom will still help to restore your character so long as you are a subscriber (premium player). They will not help if you are free to play. Keep checking the /petition window to see if a GM answers you whilst you are offline.
This is according to their change in customer service policy dated March 16.
“We will be happy to continue to assist paying players. We will have to stop providing these kinds of services for players who do not support us financially. This includes item and character deletion.”

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I would still like to have a clarification on " financial support". Maybe I missed it. There possibly are people who spend money on the game, that are not subbers. They probably do mean subbers, but financial support can be defined in more ways than that.

Thx for help, yeah, im a subscriber, ill try to do as you said

also, i am returning since 7 day, i ve made 2 tickets about mays characer bloked on Fury. I was in stygia in 2008, and my assin still blocked, each time i am trying to logging, i got dsiconnect. Ans i have nor any reponces for the support… Did their alive or they only need our payment …

I have a similar problem. I opened a ticket 4 in words FOUR weeks ago with ZERO reply. The support in this game is simply non existing and i will cancel my subscription over this. I planned to buy at least two further DLC´s but i will not reward this ridiculous behaviour from a company with my money.

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