What an anti-social , anti-support Funcom provide !!!
More than a month ago, i send an email, that after a few years,coming back to the game, i accidentally deleted my main character…cause i was allowed only 3 characters…i send an email, explained what happened, cause i knew, that they could get characters back…It took them 34 days to give an answer , like :
" I’m afraid I wasn’t able to locate any characters matching this description which might be eligible for restoration. As we can only maintain deleted character data for a limited amount of time before it expires and is lost, they may have been deleted too long ago for us to recover."…
Excuse me !? …it took you 34 days to answer and this is the reason you come up with !?..
What are we to you ?..are we actually taken serious by you, Funcom !?
You know what !..go to sleep again !!

the signs were there…

honestly, thats just what it has come. funcom has been made aware of those problems by their com on multiple occasions. sry for your loss.

it is the Funcom Style.

Given that support takes over a month to respond, it would only be logical to increase data retention minimums to an amount greater than how long it takes to respond.

Sadly, we have to live with the fact that nothing will likely ever change.

Ignore tickets like these on purpose for 30+ days, then close it by copy pasting the appropriate pre-written resolution text. Easy support.

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Followed by “May I help you with anything else?”

Just create tickets in case you have an issue in the coming month

I will create a petition because I think someone is plotting to ninja loot in my raid next week! :smiley:

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Sorry, but Raid Loot Reassignments and Expired Mail Recovery – We are no longer able to assist players with these requests.

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