Account Issues and Ticket Support

Well this really isn’t on.
I reactivated my account a few days back and it still will not let me use it.
Also the ticket I sent has not been addressed.
Lots of people have this issue and some waiting a month or so so far.
Moderators seem to be going down forum posts and just closing the discussions or deleting them.

I realise this is an old game, but if you are going to continue to charge a premium amount of money to use it, the support should be there to go with it.
Simply put we are paying for a service that we aren’t receiving, which I’m sure trading standards would see likewise.

I shall give this a little while longer to be looked into and then I shall be contacting trading standards/paypal and other places that I’m sure would be interested in the conduct here.

FC Customer (Ignore) Service doesn’t care about your petition and even FC’s money, i petitioned about failed payment just to make new one and give some money to FC, they Ignore me for 20 days now.

They will just find excuses and close down the threads. We should form a complaint, because it seems like they just won’t change anything. I bet they received a lot of money from the new servers subscribers, I refuse to believe that they can not hire more people for customer support.
One person handling all the tickets for every FC game is ridiculous.
Our only solutions are to form a complaint, and/or report them on Steam.

So they have time to rollout RK2019 and put it all on steam but no time to support the people when they pay for it and can’t play it? Makes plenty of sense.

I didn’t actually realise they were on steam too, so that gets added now to my list of people to send emails to. I’ve been screenshotting forum posts about how long they’ve waited and been ignored and double billing etc.

I think you’re right, everyone who has paid and for services not received should report it to steam.

If I can’t get my account activated soon I’ll just get a paypal refund and start sending mails.
Surely it would be easier for them to sort my account out than deal with paypal but I guess that’s their perogative.

I have same problem support is not working… I send 3 mails to different funcom addresses no reaction

The issue for me was that there was a failed payment showing , even though it was followed by a completed payment saying i should be able to pay.
I logged into the old account page not the new one and removed the payment option… i.e I removed the card that failed the payment, and then automatically the failed payment disappeared from the screen and the valid one above it came into play.
So I’m able to use it now.
Really hope you might find a way too !!

Can you give a bit more details. Which one you mean old account page? Can you give the url. I am facing a similar problem and not keen on waiting on 1 month for support…

UPDATE: Found it. New one is: account . anarchy-online . com /account/ Old is:
register . funcom . com

You are right with your tip i was able to unfreeze my accounts. I still have to wait on my ticket for other account issues but at least i can play the accounts that had game time left… Cheers!

I had tried to purchase the special 12-month offer with items which failed for 2 of my accounts. Although they had 1 month of game time applied first successfully and had 1 month left, when the 12-month payment failed these accounts were frozen. I went to the new account page and i applied 1 more month of game time and it unfroze them. The downside i had to pay 17 eur for 1 month game time but i can least now play till the issues get resolved. I have other issues of grace keys not being sent and no items/codes get sent for 12-month subs… It’s a mess!

I have the same problem, i made a 12 months payment, they attempted to double charge me, one payment was approved, the second was pending. I removed payment details today, the pending payment failed and yet is been 8 days my account remains frozen, my tickets were not answered and my money stolen. I’m thinking to sue them because this is simply outrageous! Ticket [Funcom #1117248] !!!