Account still frozen

According to the other thread I replied to, no one handles tickets… I wrote an e-mail to FC’s main e-mail address… and also to their Facebook page where they replied the following:
Hi! Sorry to hear; we’re definitely getting a handle on tickets (finally) and you should be accounted for soon, if you haven’t already. Thank you so much for your patience!

Hi friends, customer support is still backed up but finally getting a handle on everything. If you submitted a ticket we’ll definitely work to respond as quickly as possible. I know the wait times have been long. Thank you all so much for your patience.

However, this:

Is simply not true and while I understand you may have been waiting for a reply for some time, please understand that GMs are working as hard as possible to respond to everyone’s tickets. Remember, our support staff take tickets for all our games, not just AO.

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I just can’t understand the logic of account page.
I want to continue payment, but nothing works.
Adding new payment method doesn’t work, no way to delete failed payments.
There is nothing that I can do myself, and noone replies to my ticket, as far as on other people’s tickets from what I’ve heard from multiple people.
Thing that makes it even more weird is - I’ve successfully paid for one account and failed on others, even tho I’ve tried the same credit card of mine.
They say their billing team works on all games, but it seems that team contains like 1-2 people working on freelance model or something.
We want to pay - it takes them weeks to solve our payment problems.
This kind of service was an OK one for like 1990, but it is 2019 outside, service is critical to keep customers.
Such problems were solved within few hours before, when GMs could just delete failed payments, and now it takes weeks.
This is totally wrong, seriously!

I can report that my situation did finally get handled. Funcom did credit my account with the days I had missed waiting. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong!


Wow, I’m happy that your problem got solved :slight_smile: Enjoy your playtime :smile:


Ticket #1105595 - problem not solved
Ticket #1105629 - problem not solved
Ticket #1105714 - problem solved

By what rules does Funcom solve problems?

I guess they solve the most urgent problems… Snarfblatt couldn’t even log in afaik

I have the same problem. Have an LTA that Funcom deleted when converting the account page. Therefore, I can not play at the moment, because the account is frozen.

Are you sure you have a Lifetime Account by Anarchy Online ?


We understand customer service wait times are still an issue, but posting about your billing issues on the forums is not a way to expedite your ticket. We address tickets and petitions for all our products in the order received. Your continued patience is appreciated. Thank you!

ANDY EDIT: And for the record, Jasira’s issue was resolved today. :slight_smile: