WARNING: Double subscription payments happening

A word of warning.

Its possible to get charged for double subscriptions on one account.

The clunky outdated and confusing UI in account management is really not helping in this. Very disapointed with no answer after opening a ticket regarding this day ago…

Look here:

You can see i have 2 x active subscription on my account, this should not be possible, but it is.

Check youre subscriptions so you wont get charged twice and wont have to get in touch with the abysmally undestaffed customer service.

One would think after 10 years the account management UI would of gotten some upgrades (like Visa Electron payments), but no. FC keeping it Old School.

It has charged my PayPal too, so its not just happening in the account page, the actual invoicing is working too taking out money 2 x times from youre account.


I think the account page has gone to crap iam trying to buy points but funcom won’t take my money! And it’s frozen my account and reverted me back to F2P :thinking:

Yes its clunky and confusing and looks the same as 10 years ago.

Not the best place to save on expenses for a company…

I bet its a some sort of copy from Anarchy Online account management from 2001. xD

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@AndyB sorry to summon you here, o master, but this is geting out of hand. Can you please get official response from the acc/billing team? Our payments are pending, new ones blocked and support is silent.

Thank you for any info or just poking the support.


It should be number one priority account subscriptions on customer support side. When it comes down to money they should be on top of that. I don’t understand their politics, they don’t wanna take our money anymore? We can’t buy FC points, we can’t update payment info without headaches. Come on FC wake up already

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I wonder why people want to do a second purchase if only the payment fails … and then complain all purchases have gone through ! I had once a failed payment and setting the payment option again fixed everything without any double payments or such.
When I go shopping for food, I don’t fill a second cart if the credit card machine fails to read my card !

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When I buy FC points using Steam wallet, the link it gives me is indeed Anarchy Online, from there I log into my AofC account. I bought a bunch of points about a month ago in prep for possible new expansion and all was ok. Don’t know about now.

Now if I could only sub using FC points…hint hint nudge wink wink :wink:

I had the same but my sub was not for next 2 months, it was for 6 months and from my bank account took money for two months. (I tried to pay only for one. After some time they fixed it). Funcom doesnt know what is happening in this game, with accounts, with payments.

I had the exact same prob - but got charged twice for a year subscription. That’s right almost $200!

The whole account management system is completely screwed!

Funcom needs to wake the FARK UP!

Omg, those are huge numbers 200€ is a lot of money.

These are no small rare mishaps, but instead this seems to be a more common problem. Many in this thread has had this happening, starting a long time a go, still its not fixed.

Yeh i agree FC should sort that Account management and most importantly HIRE MORE CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF PLEASE.

I have to say im disappointed on how FC has not grown for a quality company , but is still hanging on in the same cheap ■■■ mindset as in 10 years a go.

User accounts are in old cluncky technology , with no Visa Electron payments.

Cheap company is understaffing their divisions to save money (on worong places), and severly gimping their customer service experience (Witch is usually the only real live connection to a company representative a user ever has.)

For me this ship has sailed.

PvP unbalanced as ever, HUGE-MINDBOGGLING grind to get AA points to get on par with others. gearing up takes months, class balance is down the toilet, game freezes constantly, too many skills to use.

Not enough action bars for them even xD.

Keep the 20€ Funcom, looks like youll need it.

Me & wife will move to another game, like a bee to the next flower :D.

Thankly there is no shortage of MMORPG’s these days.

lol, that’s hilarious…

Welcome to the flagging “democracy” :smiley:

Im the OP.

Still no answer from customer service, i mailed them over a week a go, rising ticket.

This is beyond bad customer service.

credit card company.
call them.
only way to get your money back in a vaguely timely fashion apparently…

today it happened to me, I paid 600fc points, payment green approved but no funcom points at all :frowning: first time it happens

From my experience with pending payments I would advise not doing transactions on the days of weekend. Say it requires some manual verification every now and then, ofc it will be delayed to next working day then. So when I bought points i did it during the working days of the week.

This happened to me as well when paying w PayPal last month. I petitioned and got no reply. Still ftp PayPal deducted

I was lucky cause I spent a lot on one account minutes before and all went good, just the 600fc points on other account are missing…at this point…I suppose we’ll be repaid back with karma in some manner

edit: Logged today and…600fc points were there hurray ty Funcom :slight_smile: :beer: