Question about payment options

@AndyB, I used to have a credit card linked to my FC account, but now that option seems to have gone away. If I want to by some points, now I have to do paypal or HiPay (which I have heard horrible things about).

I have sent Customer Service a request for help on getting this fixed, but I expect it to take a long time. Does anyone else know if FC has made a change in there payment system. Even the Paypal option really seems weird, it is almost like it is looking for a different account than my normal paypal account.

Any constructive responses would be greatly appreciated.


Heya, I was using my PayPal to pay subscription and/or FP but something went wrong with their system (Funcom not PayPal) lately and all my payments were failed or pending.

I should also note I was using the official acc page

So I remembered there was the old acc page where you can see all your bonus items tied to the acc. I switched from PayPal to credit (debit) card and voila! The pending payment went through and all is fine now.

So if I can give you any advice: use the old page and use your card if you can.

I am still waiting for official answer why there are 2 completly diff account pages?

I used the old account page, but when I did, it carried me to the new account page when I selected the manage payment option on the old account page. This is really frustrating to me. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you