Paypal is a Joke

HEy. I wanted to return to AO after severeal years. But for some reason Funcom just dont want my money. I don’t own a creditcard and I wont change that fact only to play a game.
U give me the choice to pay via Paypal, but thats not more than a lie because you only accept Paypal as long as i got a creditcard in the background.
My Paypalaccount is solid and backed with my normal bankdata and all i hear from Support is “sorry we can’t do sh*t without creditcard. Have a nice Day”
So before i quit trying to get back to your game with some buddies and go on to some other games from other companys that do what our money for sure I ask one last time if there really is no way to pay for it without Creditcards in Germany?

Wasn’t there a option to buy a code?
Or simpler way give money to a friend and use his CC to pay 1 month…
There has to be other ways.

And paypal requires a CC or a IBAN account in the back…no real way to have the money if the account (paypal) has 0 paying methods attached to it.

I have my IBAN in the back. But according to FC Support it’s not enough they need CC
Not sure what u mean with buying a code tho

Sorry the Code thingy was discontinued years ago…just send them a e-mail and see if they answer. If not you could always give money to a friend and he can use his CC to pay for 1 month ?

Hello @qwer7zu. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but our billing system only accommodates the use of a credit card, or a Paypal account with a card registered as a payment source. I’ll be happy to forward a report of your situation to the appropriate teams as feedback regarding our billing system, but I’m afraid we aren’t able to make any changes or provide any additional options on a case-by-case basis.

Actually for me paypal works with a bank account. The requirement is that the account has been verified.

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Actually my bank account is verfied. But Customservice tells me it’s not intended to work like that and that normally u cant pay without some kind of CC.
Anyway guess we just move on to some other game

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If you’ve lost interest I can respect that, but I think it’s worth it to continue the thread to avoid wrong conclusions.

Customer Service Manager Christa made a thread on how to get paypal to work.

It specifically mentions that you can add a bank account. Since this is an official statement from Customer Support and it matches my experience (I use paypal with a bank account), I would persist and contact them again. You definitely don’t need a credit card, so there must be some other issue that they might be able to help you with.

To clarify, you can sometimes use a bank debit card if it has a Visa/Mastercard symbol on it. Please note that even if it has that symbol, it is not guaranteed to work. Simply linking a bank account does not meet the requirement to use PayPal within our billing system. This forum post is being looked at and will be updated to avoid confusion in the future.

I’m sorry for any confusion. Our documentation incorrectly recording a Bank Account as an option for PayPal. We’ve corrected our posts and internal information. I confirmed with our Billing Director that Credit Cards are the only secondary method of payment allowable for PayPal through our system.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Most of the time I try to give AO money, it fails. I’ve been playing AO since 2001, more off than on, but I’ve come to expect that when I return, trying to give them money via their billing app will fail.

Fortunately, their customer service reps are excellent, and have always corrected the problems caused by their billing app.

Unfortunately, I’m learning not to try to re- subscribe on a weekend, when their customer service reps either aren’t working, or are over whelmed.

That’s bad for their business, ya know? AO has the worst billing app I’ve ever encountered, and AO was not the first MMO I’ve played, and I’ve been playing other MMOs off and on ever since.

Including The Secret World and Legends, both Funcom products, but neither one makes it a problem trying to pay them as AO does.

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exactly, why is the billing system so awful??? Why has it never been fixed…

yes, it is the worst … we have been playing this game for over a decade only to get all options stripped from us … i dont have a credit card, and i never will have one … what i DID have was a history of 8 years of paying funcom for my subs with zero problems at all via my bank account. now they dont want my money anymore… Im also tired of spending HOURS on researching how to get back into my beloved game. Why does reactivating always have to be such a chore?! we have one of the oldest and best MMOs here and its just stuffed full of things that make it hard or even impossible to re-sub !
last time i subbed, i had to get me a disposable prepaid credit card from the gas station !!! whats up with the regression, funcom? why are you so paranoid … it is 2019 and you offer the worst payment methods i have ever seen on the whole internet. just wow. Its 2019 and i have to beg support to take my money some other way … just freaking wow !!!