Has Support Taken a Holiday?

Still not received any response to my ticket Funcom Support #1153226. All I frinking need is for someone to remove the failed pending payment status on my frinking account. This pending status has been from FRINKING February 2020. COME ON…HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FIX THIS???

Worst Customer Service EVER!!!

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Try and tag somone from the support team


You could also log into https://register.ageofconan.com/account/
Remove your payment details and cancel the failed payment yourself?

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For me, Paypal did not work, but I was able to change payment to credit card as follows:

On this page press “click here to complete payment”:

On this page press “Attention!”:

On this page press “Change Method”:

Then you can enter credit card data:

This worked for me when changing from Paypal to Credit Card, don’t know if it works the other way too.

Payments with Paypal seem to be very complicated. You need “preapproval” plus a “secondary funding source”, as it is explained in this post:

I had the same issue with failed payment and I couldn’t remove that myself. I sent an email to CS and they removed the failed payment and reactivate my account within 10 days. Still 10 days is wayyyyyy to long but… they fixed it.

@Samsonyte that’s strange, I don’t have this layout on my AoC management page anymore. I have the new layout with way less option.20210220_084806 20210220_084651

I got there through: https://register.ageofconan.com/account/

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That’s what I have no matter what browser I use…I know this is on my phone but it’s exactly the same on pc, on any browser.

Thx @Samsonyte, the link you posted it takes you to the old layout. If you go straight to age of Conan/ account it takes you to the new layout.

I always use the old layout. Works for me - at least when using Credit Card. The only shortcoming when you want to change credit card data (new card or validity) you must delete the payment option and go directly to https://register.ageofconan.com/account/paymentoption/ctrl/addnew/ and enter the data there. Otherwise you are redirected to the new page, where it doesn’t work…

Hey, we should ask FC if we shall make customer service for them :upside_down_face:

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He he he!!! You’re right we can do some CS for them and even some credit card chargers :laughing: :rofl: :joy:

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