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You have probably read this a thousand times, but I do not care. The Billingmethods offered here are totally unacceptable … We are basically forced to have a CreditCard. This game is almost 20 years old, and I cant reactivate any of my accounts because Funcom is paranoid about something… for nearly a decade I have been paying for my subs with no problems at all , via my bank account, for all 3 gameaccounts. Thats a lot of money , a lot of money that somehow isnt wanted anymore…
Here I am again, spending HOURS on the internet,reading away and trying to find information on ways to get back in game … maybe some info i missed, maybe a thing i didnt know … hours over hours over hours. And its not like this is the first time…
Why is it such a chore to extend some money to you guys!?
Why cant you just offer normal methods like everybody else in the world…!?
I’m sitting in Germany and cannot get my money to Oslo in 2019 … it is so frustrating.
Why do you guys do this to us ? Its painful enough to stay away from the game, then you want back in and cannot get an account reactivated ! after a history of paying Funcom thousands of euros (YES, THOUSANDS) over multiple accounts … I also have 2 friends who were long time players as well, one of them looking over my should right now … we are all stuck, sitting on the outside of things … HELP US HELP YOU. We get a new server, but no new ways to make a re-sub even possible.
Credit Card IS NOT AN OPTION for us and many other people. Paypal doesnt like me after getting my stolen money back from them with legal pressure, and of course I dislike them as well after that travesty. Not going back down that road… So what now !? Am I supposed to just forget about and live with not being able to play, even though I have played for a decade in the past ? Im tired of asking my friends and colleagues if they have a CredCard and can help me out. Theres nothing I can do about this until Funcom finally changes their stubborn ways.
I am literally sitting here thinking about all the fun i could be having on the fresh server.
All the people i have annoyed to death telling them about Anarchy Online and why they need to play it… and now i am sitting on the outside and cant get in , and why ? because of lack of options. It hurts, it really does … IT HURTS !!!
stop being paranoid and give us more options already !

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Deswegen antworte ich dir mal auf Deutsch macht für mich die Sache einfacher :wink:

Wie du richtig erkannt hast, kann man AO nur mittels einer Kreditkarte oder eben halt per PayPal bezahlen. Den genauen Grund wieso dieses so ist kann ich dir nicht nennen, weil ich Ihn schlicht nicht Weiß.

Aber es würde für dich rein in der Theorie die Möglichkeit bestehen, dir eine Guthaben Kreditkarte (zum Beispiel) zu besorgen, gib es an vielen Tankstellen, diese Kreditkarte verhält sich ganz genauso wie eine Normale Kreditkarte nur mit dem Unterschied, das sie nur solange funktioniert wie ein Guthaben darauf vorhanden ist.

Doesn’t your bank offer Visa debit cards like Bank of America and almost all banks here do? FC does accept those.

Barclay card :ok_hand:

I’ve had issues with using a credit card. AND debit card.

Sent Customer Support request in 3 days ago, but no response. I’m hoping that what I read on the forums isn’t entirely accurate, that being requests take up to 3 weeks to be answered!!

It’s odd… I’m TRYING to give them money, but they don’t seem to want it.

trust me, i’m in the same boat. They temporarily banned all 5 of my paid accounts 4 days ago to “verify my identity” and requested pictures of my credit card and photo ID. It was sudden and very abrupt. i replied to the GM’s email within hours of the request and here it is 4 days later, no response. I’m really hoping it does not take 3 weeks just to ‘verify’ me. especially since, if the personal accounts of others are to be believed, by the time they get back with me the anniversary event will already be over and i’ll be waiting another year just to participate. I really really REALLY hope this isn’t the case.

Please Funcom. Prove the accusations wrong. Please, prove them wrong.

EDIT: I was quite upset when writing this and am still but restraining myself. I’ve edited out some of the unnecessary things I said. my apologies