WARNING: Double subscription payments happening

Subscription for a year paid tuesday, no problems at all :slight_smile:

Im the OP, still after weeks no reply for my ticket…

What a piece of skit scam company, bottom of the trashpile.

Yep, support queues take well over a month now.

Hey guys, anyone had any luck getting your money back for those double payments or the points you paid for?

No, not a single effort has been given from FC support. No reply to my original ticket wich is 2 months old, no refund and the game time has ran out also.

Needless to say i have not played and will not play any Fun Com game from now on.

Also i will remember to participate in all conversations in steam and other platforms informing peoples about what kind of customer service they sign up for if playing FC titles.

Yeah, unfortunately the culture at FC seems to be to ignore problems and get the art department to spam out new content constantly…
i think that’s essentially what they’ve been doing since before AoC and with everything since, make it look pretty and hope ppl are too lazy/hooked/compulsive to just turn around and say no… I mean, exiles is still buggy as hell as far as i’m aware and look at how much content they’ve spammed out, and it’s all just new mapping work. i think those guys who play are still waiting for some of the features that were supposed to be there shortly after launch, but idk. i’m not paying for exiles dammit.

My card was forced to pay for September and October, that’s wierd because last membership i bought for June and l quited the game. Nothing was bought for July and August - and card was still linked to account, and now wierd forced to pay for September and October. Thanks sh*tcom for stoling my money. DO YOU KNOW what’s going on in your PSEUDO COMPANY???

I think everyone needs to delete their saved payment options. Otherwise they may get randomly charged.