Charge Back Account Banned!

My account was banned due to a charge back from my financial institution. How do I resolve this so I can get my account back in good standings? Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide.

You’ll have to email funcom support through their support page.

Unfortunately, it will take awhile for answer. It seems the average is 2 weeks to a month.

Yes sir. Did that. Waiting for a reply. Wish they would toss a phone number out there for the Raleigh NC office. Could be done in less than a day. Oh well, guess life will take back over for a bit. Thank you for the reply…

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Any charge back on a card has seemed to be a automatic trigger for an account ban. I think most companies see it as you trying to get something for free and screw them out of their money.

If it’s something the bank did on it’s own, get them to give you a signed statement on letterhead paper you can supply Funcom with showing it wasn’t something you did.

Good luck, hope you get back into the game soon.

Well after further investigation by my bank it has been confirmed that the chargeback actually came from Funcom. I verified it through my bank. They sent me documentation that supports it. I submitted a ticket and am now playing the waiting game. I started another account in the mean time and am unable to sub it. I am not sure what exactly is going on but this is getting very frustrating.

Use PayPal if you can.

Horror stories like this is why I don’t sub. I buy Funcom points using a prepaid Steam card and it works great in the store.

If I could sub by buying a box with a sub in-game using Funcom points bought through steam, I would in an instant. until then, I won’t risk my credit or credit card, bank account. That’s just me.

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Honestly the best way to not have things like this happen is NOT to leave your CC info in the system.

One of the dev’s back in the days of the old forums even said the same thing. The system does screwy things from time to time so delete / remove your CC info.

That is a good idea, if I ever go that route I will heed that advice. :smiley:

A prepaid steam card? How exactly does that work?

This should help.

More places sell them then are listed, check the gift card section at your local store. Generally, they are 25 or 50 usd but I have seen 100 dollar ones.

Then to buy funcom points, follow the prompts in the game store for Steam Wallet. Good luck!