Purchasing funcom points

@AndyB purchased funcom points money has left my bank but haven’t received in game after two days ……still piss poor service I see

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@funcom says… All your monies are belong to us

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And we don’t give shit in return @Funcom

Anybody at @Funcom @AndyB there ??? It has been nearly a week since I’ve purchased points the money has been taken from my bank and I haven’t received them in game we’re paying for a service here and tbh it’s always been crap but now it’s pretty much theft my payment ID is 123492858 ……if I recall the payment and dispute it I will get permanent banned so are you going to carry on stealing peoples money or are you going to sort this

This is a misconception. You will not be autobanned for reversing a payment. You will only be banned if you claim that the payment was made “fraudulently”, such as if someone stole your cc and made a purchase with it, and you reported the charge as fraudulentand made without your knowledge. If you reverse payment for services not rendered, you’re fine. It’s best to use PayPal. They make payment reversal easy.

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