Paid for Premmium but my account is still Free

4 days ago i’ve purchased premium but to this day my account is still free and “frozen”. Money was taken from my account. I’ve submitted support ticket but from what i’ve read it can take… months ?!

So this how Funcom takes care of their customers now ? This is just outrages.

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Yep, this is how it is.

Well then i guess i am taking this to PayPal/CreditCard company right away. I am not gonna wait a month or more till they kindly consider giving me what i paid for.

I am sorry Funcom, i’ve been playing Anarchy Online and your other games for years. But if this is how you are treating your clients now then i guess you just lost one of them for good. It’s sad that good games are wasted because of non existing customer service. Yet you find time to post cats pictures on your FB profile… this is just sad what happend to this once great company.


I too am waiting for them to activate my account after paying for the annual subscription.

I tried to purchase Funcom points and it froze my premium account, what a blast… and it’s not my cards (tried 5) or PayPal… their billing system went nuts on me I guess

Pretty sure it’s a glitch in their new websites payment processing system. I put my payment through on the new site and it showed as approved, but in the old webpage it shows it failed 3 times then went through the 4th time.

Still waiting for @Funcom to take 5 minutes to answer an email.

Same issue with funcom points.