Unable to access Premium after paying due to frozen account

I recently signed up for a free to play account. I added my debit card to upgrade to premium and it seems as though it tried to submit twice resulting in a frozen account. My other payment shows that it went thru but account is frozen. Please refer to ticket numbers:
“[Funcom Support #1164022]”
“[Funcom Support #1164023]”
Thank you so much.

Update: Payment processed thru bank. Account still frozen. 30 day membership is down 2 days without being able to use it.

I’m not trying to put you “down” but the fastest replay/ fixed issue was 2 weeks with same problem as yours. 2 days is still young: ) good luck!

Move to another game, the forums are spammed with payed services that in many of the cases are pure scam. If the company refuses to take the money you want to give them, that’s a sign :innocent: Or even worse, take the money and don’t deliver. This is an abandoned project milking :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :moneybag: :moneybag:.

I had the same problem today. Still no news for you?

I received help yesterday and fixed my issue only took 4 days which isn’t as bad as forums suggest

Send a few messages to Andyb and that ond person maybe even dude with funny face picture as he is custo.er service manager

Do you mean to send them private messages?

Yes eventually they will respond. Try to explain what lead to frozen account if you can. All the information helps.

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